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Week 4 K'nex Builders' Challenge Answered

Hey Everybody! Posting week 4 becouse Canadian asked on my orangeboard. It's getting tough making these. Anyway, I_Am_Canadian was the only participant for week 3, and his rocket launcher has masterful skill. Good job. Now for the.............(drum roll)............CHALLENGE!!!!!!(applaud now for effect) Category- GUN Spec. 1: Gatling gun Spec. 2: At least 8 barrels* Spec. 3: HAS to shoot white rods or bigger Well... good luck! Who will build it? NOBODY KNOWS! Except God. Never shares his knowledge. Ever. Picture is to remember a good company R&C; OUT! *If it has 8 barrels, and others have 16, i wont think less of you gatling gun. Maybe. Just maybe I will think lesser of it. Yes. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


hmm, i got something plained but it won't be out for some time now.


10 years ago

can my revolver count it has a wheel thing and 8 shoots that shoot white lol

I working on a awesome shot per barrel 20 shot minigat.

Nooooo, your cannon instructions still better be posted!

Haha I just came back on here and it said posted 9 seconds ago.

Ok, I might give this ago In a while.