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Weekend builder link to account or default to show all on one page Answered

Hi, Love the web site and I love getting the weekend builder emails. Its a minor frustration when I click a link in the email to an article then have to login to see the entire article on one page. Perhaps this minor annoyance is deliberate to ensure users login, or create accounts for user metrics... Is there a way that my email links perhaps are specific for me. So when i click through to your site knows its me maybe with some cookie...? I'm getting theoretical hyperthetical here because I don't really know what I'm talking about.. let me start again.. In the weekend builder email, lets say I click 3 articles - 3 tabs open in each tab I immediately click "show all steps on one page" that requires me to login on each tab. Any thoughts?


Hi, I have remember me set. But like the above users email links from weekend builder don't log me in. I am using Thunderbird and Chrome. (btw I posted this query)

Also the link I clicked through to get here from the Instructables Robot saying I have comments.. logged me in..?!

If you're a member, when you log in you can tell the website to remember you. A cookie gets installed on your computer, and you get recognised with every visit. If you open the website from a different computer, though, you have to go through the same procedure again (but just once for each computer).

I have remember me set and passwords in Opera. Logs me in everytime except when I copy links from email. I would assume it would still notice me, I don't know why it doesn't.

. hmmm I'm using Outlook Express and Firefox under WinXP and have no problems. Click link in OE and FF opens up (or opens a new tab), automatically signing me in.

I think my issue may be just Opera. I believe when I use to browse with FF it also worked.

I have a similar problem, but that is beacause I use IE to read mail. I copy the shortcut from IE into Opera. The links are not specific to user so I have to sign in to I'bles with each new link... If I copy the link, it will not automatically sign me in. I would assume you are using outlook, or some other none browser based email system.