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Weird Capacitor thing? Answered

I have this capacitor looking metal can, but when my dad was in Russia, the seller said it was not a capacitor, but something else. It has markings on it that say 5.5V and 1.0F. I put some Pics on as well. The seller said it was used in answering machines to save messages, sorta like a CR2032 battery in computers.

I want to know if it can be used in a pocket torch, like a rechargeable capacitor, etc.




Best Answer 8 years ago

It is an early "Super Cap". Basically it is a high value (1 Farad) capacitor. Voltage rating of 5.5 Volts. They were originally used for standby power for digital memories in things like VCRs & digital answering machines. So, in answer to your question, yes you can use it in a rechargable torch system, as long as you don't exceed the 5.5 Volt rating. The one you've got was manufactured by NEC (Japan), you may be able to find some application notes on the internet that can give you more info; charge/discharge rates, etc.

obviuosly the russian who sold it to your dad does not know squat about capacitors
in other words that is a capacitor