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Weird or Exotic Pets. Answered

Do you own weird or exotic pets or do you know anyone with weird or exotic pets? I knew a guy who lived not too far away from me with four Siberian tigers, pretty cool but he ended up having to send them to cat tales, but anyway... Why am I asking, I just wonder if other people have cool pets like that.

The tiger in the pictures name is Delilah, she was 8 when the picture was taken.


hi guys,
i have a pet goliath insect and a pet siny leaf inset!
their actually pretty cool.
my spiny has just started laying eggs wih is great.
any1 else got any insets apart from mantids?

My old friend bought a penguin but had to give it away because the climate wasnt good enough for it

Siberian tigers? There are no tigers in Siberia, they live in Primorye, it's the Far East, Russia.

Read about it. Apparently there were tigers in Siberia, before the Russians drove them to extinction over most of their range.

Are you sure? They never lived in Siberia, they dwell in the Far East, and this territory does not belong to Siberia. In Russian this breed is called "Amur tiger" or "Ussuri tiger", the Amur and the Ussuri are the large rivers which flow in that area. I say it bbecause I live there...

I certainly believe you, and it is quite common for proper (native language) names to be different than names in English. Historically, "Siberia" included all Russian lands east of the Urals, all the way to the Pacific. That region includes the historical range of the "Siberian tiger," hence the name.

Right, I've just consulted the dictionary - historically Siberia included the Far East, but it is not actual for now - living in the Russian Far East from birth I hear it for the first time that it has some reference to Siberia even though its climate is almost the same. Anyway, geographically, the Far East is a seperate political subdivision, and it is the native land for the Siberian tiger, or to be exact its southern part.  They never dwelled in what we call Siberia nowadays.

Yes, the Russian Far East is the only region where the tiger still exists. Prior to the Revolution, the tiger also had a western range which extended from the eastern coast of the Black Sea into Western China. Presumably its eastern range also extended farther west than it does now. The Wikipedia article has a fairly good discussion of these issues.

The tiger that lived in the Western part was a different subspecies as I've just found out. They were driven to extinction in the first part of the 20th century and do not exist now. Modern eastern tigers which do not live in Siberia seem to be a bit different species. Anyway, I've got your point...though Siberian tigers are Ussuri tigers as a matter of fact, I do not object to their definition in English any more as I see definite historical logic in it now :)

The breed of tiger is called Siberian, I didn't make the name its just what they're called, as to where they actually live I have no idea.

That's odd the breed is called this way. I wonder if there is, for example, Canadian giraffe or Florida rhinoceros

Ya, lol I don't know about those animals though, I know there Indian and African elephants.

But elephants do live in India and Africa, so there's nothing extraordinary in this case :)

Yeah, How about sewer monkeys, they're not in any books lol.

With the ecology we're having now, they may appear soon...