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Welcome everyone to The Simpsons group! feel free to start a new topic and talk about the show!


Simpsons are better than family guy! Simpsons have true comedy, family guy has Farts! Family guy steals from the Simpsons! SIMPSONS FTW!

nope. 1. simpsons characters look like bananas 2. family guy has more swear words 3. family guy is more inappropriate than the simpsons 4. family guy has REAL humor 5. farts are funny. today i saw 2 guys farting to make music 5 reasons family guy is better than simpsons

You just made yourself a VERY power full enemy, I remember the old 1010111011010101 drill!

Family guy has REAL humor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
If you want real humor, watch south park or the simpsons. Family guy steals jokes, and family guys' "real humor" is fart jokes. That's not funny at all!

I used to watch the simpsons, and i didnt laugh at all. fart jokes are funny

You probably think they are funny because you are young with a young sense of humor. Someday (or maybe not) you will realize that farts aren't that funny.

That is Fake, cra* and I hate you for showing it to me.

Yes, it's an absolutely terrible video. And yet, it's full of comments stating "OMG THAT WUZ SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOlololOLol!!1!1!!!". It's really easy to divide the mature from the immature with that video.

They're not. and let me remind you, this is a simpsons forum topic, so post your family guy cra* somewhere else.

I concur, however Family Guy is pretty damn funny.

YEAH!!!! SIMPSONS FTW!!!!!!!!! Please contribute a simpsons instrucable if you can for the group. Thank you!

That's easy! P.S. add KaptinScarlet's Donut Ible, thats simpsons related.

I have just done a how to draw Mario instructable and I was thinking about a "How to draw Bart" one as well... what do you think? Have a look at my How to draw Mario one and tell me if you think that this would be a good idea. Great idea for a group BTW.

I think homer would be better, as Bart isn't exactly hard to draw..... I used to make a ton of Homer drawings, we used them for our Field Day. Sadly, they have all been destroyed. 5th graders are reckless......*sob*

well that sounds like a challenge. I'll have a look, at least because they started life as cartoons, they should be easy to draw. What's your method for drawing Bart then?

What I mean is, Bart isn't exactly something difficult to draw......Perhaps I'll post a video on how I draw Homer?

Nothing's that difficult to draw, it's just a question of getting the lines in the right place.....

What do you put for an Instructable under this group?

I'm all for the Simpsons, but a group is not needed.