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Welcome All Ninjas! Answered

Welcome all ninjas! These tools can ONLY be used by ninjas.



8 years ago

i have a lot of weapons.

I grow tired of ninja wannabes...

Seconded. Well, I am kindof a Ninja wannabe, but at least I never called myself a ninja and I know proper ninja history, tools, and weapons.

oh and i have an 8 pointed shurikan i bought from a gun and knife show

Cool. I have a Senban and a Nagare Manji Ryu Shuriken.

I know what a senban and a shuriken are but not a nagare manji ryu shuriken.

Are you sure what you know is a Senban and not Naruto needles (Senbon)? They are two completely different things. Nagare Manji Shuriken: A type of square Bo Shuriken.

you posted that here why? it looks like you looked for "ninja" and said this.

It's been removed and I can't view it

ninja stars suck use blowpipes

1- why do they suck 2- they're called shurikan 3- maby learning to use one properly would make it suck less hope that helps :-)


Ninjas only use like, four different tools.

no. they use just about everything they can get there hands on, even eggs can be used as a tool or dirt or money maby even .....their hands.

Ah, but not only ninjas can use their hands. This group is for things that only ninjas can use.

any one can use any tool with propper training, not just ninjas, how about just doing ninja tools

Who would have thought, in a DIY group like ours, a group that uses their hands LOL


9 years ago

I want to know levels. I'm an 8th


10 years ago

nijas use whatever arsenal they can get. they have like 5 or 6 different main wepons but then they have like a million ways they can adapt their own weapons for any situation. aka kunai on razor wire.

that was stupid

Check out these things called sprite bombs, they are totally ninjitsu stuff.

OK sorry to burst your buble but, A totally not funny, even with a girl in a bikini in it B I can fight better with my eyes closed and a live lobster in my pants.

Um, ok a few comments:
#1: where did the second "guy" come from?
#2: why do they have clown circles painted on their cheeks?
#3: why do they hop like bunnies?
#4: why did she not notice someone was under her blanket when she lay down?
And finially, #5: lobster in your pants ? TMI ! *LOL*

They way I would fight them with a live lobster down my pants and my eyes closed. 1 Open my eyes 2 Pull the 3" lobster out of my pants and hurl into he face of assailant/s 3 Continue to dessimate them as I would, with a few quick, life threatning manuevers 4 Recieve thank you kiss from girl in bikini, proceed to nearest secluded area and begin to intensly make out Wtf does TMI mean?

They're Chinese vampires, the have to hop because they're dead and stiff from rigor mortis... (I couldn't answer the other questions) L

what tools are you talking about?