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Welcome Mat weight scales Answered

I would like a welcome mat that would display the persons weight on an eye level digital readout [large].  I have people over a lot and I think this would a great way to start the ladies party.  I have  scales in small hallway and have beeen surprised at  how many people get on it. I love this web page and marlvel at the things ya'll make.  I am so envious.



How can I say it in a positive and constructive way..... "bad idea". When you bring out a scale, woman run, definitely not an ice breaker. Guys don't care about their weight but it's a different story in the ladies world!!

Oh yes, that's really going to "break the ice". I guess you could have it "speak your weight" - AAAAAh get off get off!
If you find a piezo digital scale it could be hacked, but I disagree with "great way to start the ladies party." - it would not be in my opinion.