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Welcome to Instructables HQ Answered

Welcome to 82 Second St, the home of Instructables Inc. Here are just a few pictures of our new lab!
If you're curious about what you're seeing, learn more from the titles on the flickr stream.


It is the signs on the bathroom door.

The embedded links are symptomatic. I saw it because the same person had posted to a dozen or so topics within an hour, all with essentially the same text and the same two links.

I fell for it. How can one un-subscribe? I tried to do that and ?????

From your You page, look in the left sidebar for the Following link. Next to each username there will be a little red X, which you can use to remove them.

Thanks! I could not find the link you referred to until it dawned on me I was looking at subscribers and not following. I guess I get a handicap for age?

No more than my own :-/ Most of us older types don't like the silly sucking up to Failbook and Twit.

And, I might add, a hidden-yet-significant portion of the younger types. ;) At some point the imitation and pandering just gets ridiculous.

You guys rock! I also love the bathroom signs!

It appears to have been a tanning salon...

instructables street view.JPG

And today, you could still walk in to get a laser tattoo.

When did you move from the old HQ then?

September.  And we're still settling in!
It's a much busier part of town now - near the financial district.  Which is nice in the way that fewer hobos poop on our stoop.  But the exchange for that is salads that cost over $10!

 So you buy your food instead of trying out the food ibles? ;)

I usually bring lunch, but it's nice to have more options. ;)

My goodness!

Well I can see that you have really made the most of the space you've got :)

*Huge sign takes up entire door*

Eric: Well, that's our advertising campaign for another year!

You guys still taking interns? I'm skinny and I don't take up too much room!

Awesome! Let me finish school first and then I'll DEFINITELY be there.

Nice set of photos! I see things as being a bit "compact", or less roomy than I'd imagined, but more pleasant than my office by a long way...


Yeah, it is compact.  But we're still settling in, and some of the furniture you saw is waiting to be picked up by craigslist.  We hope!  The goal is to open up the space more and create some standing work tables where projects could be ongoing.

I thought so. Does the furniture come with stickers? (not that I'll be asking for it)


You people are way too healthy!  What's with all the ergonomic stand-up desks and treadmills and whatnot?!?  Where are the donuts?  The bacon?  The surplus cases of Jolt Cola and Jack Daniels for lunchtime?  Man, kids these days just don't know how to work themselves to death :-)

Did you miss the facebook post on the bacon bourbon caramel corn yesterday?

:-D  I don't do Facebook ;->  But I did see the forum topic, and passed on a couple of old Onion AV Club articles on bacon-themed foods.

It's springtime, you can put this whirlygig out on the fire escape.

All of you are brilliant and so much fun. Caitlynsdad-you crack me up! such an innovational original inventive guy-sell your whirly-gigs will buy at Makier Fair

That's neat to see where you all work. Pretty sweet looking set-up all around.


8 years ago

Man, that looks fantastic.  I wish I could bring my kids to work!  Though I probably wouldn't get anything done...

 You guys need to dump San Fran and move to Austin like everybody else :D

Is there an ible on your bike rack? Or a picture at less of an angle please? :)


8 years ago

Congratulations! That's a very nice place.  It's got a warm, friendly look to it!

 wow, you guys have lots of space hah 
are there guided tours? =)

If you're in the area, I'm sure we could arrange something :)

 i dont think your office could be any... AWESOMER!!!! 
i madez up a word!

Iz da awesomest.

All we needs now is a climbing wall!

The restroom door sign is the best part.  Unisex and robots too!  I am so very jealous of you young people having such a dynamic setting to work in.  I wish I had discovered technology sooner than I did.  Perhaps I could have worked in such a fun atmosphere.  Kudos to your work setting and entire operation.

Thank you!
I'm glad I discovered technology when I did (about 2 years ago!) and could find a way to make my craft fit into this environment.  I know exactly how lucky I am :)

I am very handy with my hands and have a semi technical background, telephony, but have worked in structured cabling for nearly 20 years.  Tried school but I can't get my brain to wrap around studying anymore.  Working at set and prop building for the new Michigan film industry but the big studios are making it tough by bringing in west coast people.  There is so many things I can do but just don't have the degrees. Oh well. 
Nice to meet you! I hope Instructables keeps you busy for many more years.

I'm from Michigan!  My brother was a set builder for UM while becoming a genius software engineer.  And I used to be an actor at UM-F. Oh the days!
I'm sorry to say I doubt the MI film industry will ever get too far off the ground, despite Sam Raimi's influence.

I love the bathroom sign & the cake sign too!  Look like a very fun place to work!  Thanks for sharing it with us!
I do have a question for you though.  Do you use the work area to try & build the things there that people post on Instructables or is that for working on new ideas you guys have?

It's for all of those things.  We use the sewing area and the big table and the kitchen and the tool room to make projects, and we use the open space to have meetings and work on new ideas.   We just arranged the lounge, so it may become a good brainstorming area as well.
And we all eat lunch together on the  big table too.
Sometimes we cook for each other in the kitchen.