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Welcome to Super Capacitors! Answered

First off, I know this goes to the whole front page, but this is posted in the Super Capacitor group, just so you know. Welcome to the people who joined my group! If anybody has any cool projects or ideas, please post and talk about them! Also if you know of any good deals for capacitors, please tell!


I want to build a little circuit running 6 or 8 leds and powered by a small solar cell. It will charge during the day and light for a few hours at night. I need to know how big a super capacitor I need to store the energy from the solar cell.

where can i get a super capacitor?? is it used in any common circuits??

Where can a person find them if he wants to play with a few of them?

They can be found in shake flashlights, old palms, and every so often in other digital things.

Super Capacitors are basically capacitors that can be read on the farad level. Super Capacitors are really cool because you can use them as batteries, charging in seconds with no charging circuit. They can me charged millions of times and losing no capacity. They're really cool!

What do you mean (Super Capacitors)?Is your group about high voltage electricity?