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Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosvies Answered

Welcome to Weapons, Guns, and Explosives (WGE) I'm pretty lianian on what goes on here I don't really care as long as its about guns, explosives, or any kind of weapon. I hope you enjoy your stay at WGE and thank you for joining.


hey, thought I should join this group because i have a love for guns and explosives of all kinds (unless they suck) and like to come up with new ideas for outrageous and incredible weapons and weapon plat forms, and I get random and often crazy ideas for guns and bombs.

HA HA HA. Don't make me laugh I am from the northern part of Ohio and I am 17 years old. I may sound old but this mind of chaos, mayhem, and destruction is fresh with ideas from the cook books of the anarchists and some home construction books of weapons glare. You name it I can build it most likely, You name the explosive I have already read about it and learned how to make it. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am the almighty tool of destruction.

Okay well uhhh......... Nitroglycerin, how 'bout that huh? Oh wait uhh.... POWDERED nitroglycerin

nothing just wanted to see how close i was, in from California kinda far from canada

No why would you think that eh? I'm closer to canada.

why do u want to know? before i tell u.

Howdy, I just contributed a DIY in sparkler bombs yesterday and it's still not searchable. How long till I get critics hounding my hackneyed tutorial and awfully short video?