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Welcome to the Etsy Group! Answered

If you have any questions about Instructables, please feel free to post them here. In the interim, poke around the site and enjoy!

The current Etsy contest details are here. You can explore recent popular instructables here, and the current craft feed, here.



10 years ago

Is the site jacked up or what? I can only get 3 pages of most recent instructables. And none of them are instructables, they are all just comments. pretty disappointing.

Can someone help? When I try to add my video to one of my steps, I get a Yahoo intro video and that's it, my video doesn't show up. I am copying the exact URL where my video is on Yahoo which is:


It shows up fine in Yahoo, you can play it there, but when I put that same link here, I get:

Any ideas?

OK, I solved this problem myself by NOT using Yahoo and posting my video from YouTube!

Wow, am I happy to have found this group. There are all sorts of things I look at in stores and then decide that it's not quite right for me, or it's ridiculously overpriced for what it really is. But then I never get around to making one for myself. It actually takes a fair bit of time to figure out how to construct something, and I inevitably have to back-track and re-do some steps when I discover that I didn't think things through all the way. There are a lot of neat ideas here that I will want to try, and best of all, someone else has done all the hard part of figuring out the details.

hello - well i popped over here last night and added my comp entry and my first instructable. i have tried to make it clear and look easy ... here's hoping i have done all i need to do now, the tags, linking from one to the other, and putting the intructable in here seems to have worked? cheers guys, and hello !


11 years ago

Well I made it over a few days ago, but I'm the dense etsy user who couldn't figure out how to get my instructable to link here! Duh, once I figured it out I couldn't believe it took me so long!

Welcome! Neat project- glad you got everything to work.


Reply 11 years ago

It definitely is!

Some services are easier than other, but there's an Instructable on how to do it. It can be found here.

Awesome - thank you. I added a video to my instructable. YouTube seems to decrease the quality of the video a lot. Is there a way to prevent this?

Another option is to use one of there other services. Both Blip.tv and Google video have less lossy compression.

Thank you for the tips, guys! Blip.tv worked like a charm. :)

I had the same problem. I'm sorry I don't still have the link, but if you search the web a bit there are pages out there that tell you what settings to use when you save your vid that still look ok when youtube converts the movie to their format. I used iMovie on a Mac and can post the settings I used if you like.

I came over from etsy, too...already found several neat things I'd like to try...omigosh, more UFOs, oh well...guess I'll just look for an instructable for how to build more storage...UFOs, for the techie, science-y, buildy folk is UnFinished Objects...a common multiplier in crafty households...but y'all wouldn't have anything like that on your workbenches, now would you?

Ooh, nice acronym!

*cough* Of course we don't. I totally finish all my projects. *cough*
*kicks projects under bed, realizes there's not enough space left*

Right. ;)
I've currently got a gigantic hoard of yarn, fabric, marble and granite (don't ask!), stained glass bits, and who knows what else in boxes; we'll not even talk about the finished projects whose pictures are wasting away on my hard drive, waiting to be turned into an Instructable...

I'd be suspicious of people who do finish all of their projects! They're probably evil alien robots.

Hello guys! I've seen only now this topic! Sorry but i'm stupid.. your plans for the competition are too beautiful! compliments! Sorry for the bad english.. i'm italian...

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to add video to our instructables.

Hi everyone. I made it here too! This site is really fun! I finished my esty listing and my instructable. It was really easy to do. I'm looking forward to seeing more entries.

I'm going to add mine in a few days. What a great contest!

Welcome, and great Instructable!

I can't believe it ... I think I did it!... Wow. I have to go now so if I did any big bo bo's please let me know.. I will check again tomorrow am. Thanks Eakssssss,

I feel like a new person at a party who has searched frantically for the circle of people she knows. must wander off now away from Etsy and mingle... I love instructables :)


11 years ago

This looks like a great site.''''

Thanks for let me in....

We only let cool people in. Clearly, you must be cool.

woohoo!!! This is gonna be fun!

I'm sure we'll think you're pretty fab too :)


11 years ago

It is my first night at Instructables (found link at Etsy) and it offers too many cool ideas!! Luv it!

Thank you! Welcome to Instructables.

Oh man, Etsians have invaded! We gladly welcome your crazy artistic skills. We can never have too much flavor around here.


11 years ago

Hello everyone! What an inspiring site! ~JDStar

Hi Etsians! I can't wait to see what people do for entries....Vanessa (Etsy admin)

Looks like I'm the second etsy person. This looks like a great site. I'm sure I'll be getting more involved as time goes by. I'm in Australia. My etsy shop is http://addictedtoart.etsy.com

Great, I didnt see babyjewels post before. I know the Etsy crowd will love it over here. There is so much creativity and so many great minds floating around. Thanks for the welcome Jeffrey. Now would you please show me the door to get out of here so I can get to my studio and get some work done!

So glad I saw the contest on Etsy. This is a great site...I want to make something :)

Please do! But be sure to let the world know how you did it.

(You should check out our ever expanding craft section.

In fact, probably should have provided that link before. I updated the topic post with the link.

Wow, am I the first Etsy person to come over here for a visit? I have a feeling instructables can be addicting. This place is great! Thanks for the invitation and the contest. I have been looking around and found a lot of great information. I think it would be fun to add some of my mosaic tutorials to instructables as soon as I figure it all out. I hope you all come visit me on Etsy. www.stufffromthebunker.etsy.com I hope that is legal :)

I don't think you're the first visitor, but you're definitely the first commenter. Welcome to Instructables!