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Well I bought this item...? Answered

 And it says disappearing ink on the label and the tip of it has some foam on it to write with but when I put it on paper it goes on clear and leaves clear.It is a bottle with a foam covered tip. I was trying to find any way to get the ink back but there was no instructions for it and no name.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Most  disappearing inks,  at least the kind that are used for jokes (spill it on someone's expensive WHITE blouse and watch them go BONKERS until it vanishes) are not really "inks" (too thin) but a solution that turns clear after a period of time exposured to AIR. 

IF this is what you bought, it has been exposed already and has gone BAD.  Return it ASAP so no one thinks you did it on purpose.

If it was the type that disappears when exposed to air, yeah.   Sorry.


8 years ago

Wouldn't it perhaps remove or "disappear" ink from a normal pen.  Kinda like an eraser for a pencil.

I don't know, just thinking aloud.

I'd say it disappeared before you bought it. Take it back to whoever you got it from...

invisible ink shows up under heat and lemon juice or blacklight or on a certain type of paper

You mean get it back as in see the now disappeared ink?

Eh it may be UV ink, a blacklight would make it appear...
Could be activated by another agent that they've not included...
Sometimes it's heat, you can make your own with lemon juice or some such, I'll look in to that but it's heat that shows it...

Other than that, look at similar products for ideas, try what they use, eventually you'll find something...