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Well, I think its safe to say..... Answered

That chooseausername is dead. On ibles at least. His last posted comment was october 30, 2008, and he has done nothing since. He was a noble friend and all around cool guy (in a weird way). I like to congratulate him on how much he protected his privacy too. we only know he lives in Europe. we hope you come back, or if not, have a nice life. - DJ radio.


He is not dead. He left after...an incident. And we also know he's a Frenchman.

Incident? PM me - I have no idea what you're talking about.

An incident? Are you suggesting Frenchmen run at the slightest hint of conlict? :-)

Unless they have a short, stuck up prick at their helm, I'd be willing to say most of the time...

If I am correct about what you are referring to, do you really think he left because of that?

well he did a fancy job of misleading me.........I thought he was an englishman, but i wasnt 100% sure

I feel you don't fully appreciate the enormity of the hiatus of Lemonie and Las Vegas. Don't pretend to understand what you don't know.

I dont understand them, because lemonie's last comment was posted on the day I found instructables. I never talked to either of them. but still, they are mostly forgotten, and are in the back of the old member's heads right now.

Lemonie and Las Vegas were as significant as member as Kiteman, Nachomahma, and Goodhart.

I am TRULY and deeply moved that you rank me with those giants of the past few years.

Meh, there was a hole to fill, you plugged it up nicely :P

Oh thank you, now I sound like the cause of constipation LOL

Oh ok, if you say so :-)

Personally I can't take Imodium, I need to be on fiber most of the
time (TMI, I know)

merely commented on a post on the subject.....

Kidding.....I'm Kidding.....Keith-Kid......

No, more like a laxative, or some putty on a sinking johnboat...

It would appear that LasVegas isn't gone, just delayed. As of right now (10:09 PM 21 Dec 2008) he's the most recent posting in three different fora.


9 years ago

Technically, this would be classified as a fail.
An acquaintance of Chooseusername past away, resulting in him being beside himself. (I hope that makes sense, I don't want to intrude)

Lemonie hasn't been on, because of no internet connection.

And Las Vegas is still around, he just doesn't see the fun that once flowed through the site. He comments occasionally..

Please do some looking around, before giving people the wrong info.

nope it dont make sense. I know that. well, i didnt know that lasvegas is around, like I said, I never talked to lasvegas or lemonie. wrong info? what the hell? its not wrong, you just think its wrong. And yes, I did look around.

The fact that lasvegas still posts a couple times a week means that he is not "dead." Therefore, your info was wrong.

I didnt know he still posted. and also, a lot of people said he hadnt commented in a while, so what else would I do? btw, this is supposed to be a funeral, not an argue topic.

And i'm not critisizing your mistake, I am just pointing out that you did indeed post wrong information. Contrary to your statement of, "wrong info? what the hell? its not wrong, you just think its wrong."

ok, I just didnt know that it was wrong. sorry about that. it was an honest mistake, and I edited the topic too.

In order to discover that LasVegas has posted recently, all you need to do is access "his" (making no assumptions) profile, and follow the link of the top comment in the list. You can do that for anyone for whom you know their username.

For example, you yourself most recently posted at ... 8:01 PM today (21 Dec 2008). Wow, that wasn't difficult at all!

Ayez une bonne vie, mon ami!

I don't think pairevou is a word... "Tu parle francais?" Would be "You speak french?"

I think he meant "Parlez vous francais?" (Which could also be correct. Mais, je ne parle pas le francais. Il est tres dificile, et je suis tres stupide.

Hi Hate when members disappear, its so sad. :-(

Unless they are one of those noobs who post block triggers =D

You arrived shortly after his death. He wasn't a knexer, he was a philosopher.

Well i have known instructables since the first Storm was realesed, but i didn't get an account until later...