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Well, It's Time Answered

Well everyone, its time.....FOR MY SUMMER VACATION! I am going up to Canada for 9 days, I am leaving Saturday morning, I will have access to a computer with internet so I won't be cut off from civilization. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures from the trip!


conada hase weard bacon

wtf?, do you really talk like that?, and just b/c its different than what your feast on, doesn't make it weird.

Well enjoy bumpy, maybe our secret collab will gain some extras with the help of them canadian chicks...

hehe, lets hope so...
but no french chicks for the stereotypical reason


disclaimer, I am not racist, necessarily, its only a joke

Hey, french girl are hot. Totally snotty, but hot.

Give 'em hell picklebump!

They aint snotty when they're ********************************************************************************** you....

to say the least YEEEEHA

Welll no the first time I've heard it, btw chatroom? bout 5 mins

Actually that is true in many cases... But you can tell which ones long before the problems arrive...

So basically, what you're saying is that you're going to be wasting your vacation on instructables? I'd advise you to stay away from computers. :D Have a good time!

Oh I've been there before, but its two hours ahead of my internal clock, so i'll prolly be on in the mornings.
unless I'm milking cows


Oh! Take pictures, do an Instructable;

How to Milk a Cow.

Or, failing that, you can get your freinds to post an ible on your behalf;

How to get Kicked to Death by an Enraged Holstein (or) Where Not to Put Your Hands When They're Cold.

Be careful with the ones with only one teat. ;-)

ROFLMAO, Okay Kiteman, that was prolly the funniest comment I have ever gotten, and I bet I could find some farm -ibles to do...

Take Robot with you. Take pictures. Make Mum and Dad proud, son.


10 years ago

I am going up to Canada for 9 days
I won't be cut off from civilization.

Erm... :)

Have fun. Never been to Canada, but sounds like a blast. If you got a Instructables T, wear it with pride ; )

Bye bumpus!!!! Come back soon!!!


Off to Canada? I better check the news, I didn't know there was a draft on... ;-)

hahaha, that actually made me laugh out loud

I'm Canadian and I was really disapointed to see that our prime minister, Stephen Harper Ships the Iraq DraftDogdger back to the US... Well they're no draft dodger since there's no draft but, you know...

Remember to print out Instructables Robot stuff and post it around!

oh yeah!!, i forgot about doing that, i knew i was forgetting something