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Well, i'm Bored. Answered

I'm bored, and i had to make a new account, you know how my computer said David, i changed it to my name.



9 years ago

How do you do, Bored. I'm Bill. Welcome to Instructables!

Hello Bill, I'm bob. This is Jim. That's Jay. Over there is Fey, and next to her is Jon. That guy in the corner is Max, and over by the water cooler is May gossiping with Naz. Good bye.


9 years ago

Well, I don't care.

Me... I had a bit of an accident involving some small dogs, the toilet and a rather bemused ostrich.

FOCF = Falling on Cat, Fortunately? :-P

Clearly I am not young enough to get that particular acronym, anyone wanna help me out with that one?

I'm working the third shift, so I have no choice! Actually, I did have a little choice. I could be a flunky on the dayshift, or be in charge at night. I don't care about being in charge, but I make a really poor flunky.

Are you still Bored?

I shouldn't think so, he has all these comments to read, which I imagine takes him a while...

The only reason for an account to suddenly not work is if you have been banned or suspended. If you have, you shouldn't be using another ID to get around the ban, should you?

Yeah, it looks like it's been temp banned.

That's grand, I don't know if we have a severe interest in this topic. May I suggest making a Blogspot?

You had to make a new account because your other one is banned....