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Well that certainly spoiled my day Answered

My student loans got screwed up! It should be fixed now, but won't know for ten days (at the most, they said), scary, what with bills and tuition to pay too. Add to that two exams (Kinematics and ceramic materials) and a presentation and a senior design report all in that time period. And my wife's so upset about the loans she's refusing to speak to me. School sucks kids! Okay, only some of the time, the rest of the time it freaking rocks. Spent the evening hiding out at a friends watching Hot Fuzz. Just wanted to unload.


I HATE student loans and the whole process. It's always so complicated. Keeping track of all of them is even worse! I'm so happy this is my last semester. I'm pretty thrilled to now be in very stable debt. :P

Yeah I can't wait to be done, I have 5 classes in the spring and 2 next fall and I'm done with my BS (and part of my Masters). I really want school to end, and at the same time it is just a little unsettling when I went to the Graduating job fair last week and it was half the size of the previous year, one company wasn't accepting applications (?, according to a friend, i didn't speak to them), and one company required three years post grad work history. On the plus side, I got my money last night, yea!!! I can pay,my bills!

I am worried about the loans I will have in the future. Next year, when I start college, my parents will have three children in college. Unfortunately, the colleges that I am looking at are not the cheapest, so I hope that I can get some aid.

:-( Aww. That totally stinks. Sorry to hear that. Here, have a delicious hot fajita! Who could be lonely or unhappy or sad around fajitas? Fajita party!


Fajitas - the answer to all of life's problems! Unless you're vegetarian. In that case, I'm sorry. :P