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Welsh boy builds rollercoaster (and Kiteman posts about K'NEX!) Answered

Nine-year old Welsh boy James Morgan has built a working scale model of one of the rides at Oakwood theme park in Pembrokeshire.

It appears to be made of K'NEX...

The story was mentioned on the BBC, but not credited properly.

You may think the model looks a bit flimsy, but have a look at the real ride and you'll see...


but it hasnt got megaphobia or bounce or treetops

sorey it was a list alos 400 coment thanks

um, it does not even work. watch the car, you will see it roll back before making the chain and then the camera turns.

It works batter than any coaster you've posted!

Give the kid a break, he's nine.


I'll have you know I'm British - there are 22 miles of sea between us and Europe.

Turns up mp3 of Land of Hope and Glory

... I always thought UK was apart of Europe.....

You're right! And I'm surprised Kiteman didn't agree with you -- of course, your typo of writing "of" instead of "from" might have fooled him ;->

(kiteman made a spelling mistake!) not true, i have a roller coaster posted on youtube, and unlike this one, it works. fine, i was just saying. it is just really annoying when we work really hard on our knex stuff and all you do is shoot down our stuff and call all this stuff great.

Do we really have to have this conversation all over again? Does your coaster reproduce a real ride with so few pieces? Were you 9 when you created it? Was it impressive enough to be featured on a national news website?

few pieces does not make anything good, nor does lots of pieces.

it could have easily been made to reproduce a real ride, i just decided not to, and make it my own design.

no, but that is because that set only came out like a year ago.

more like, i was not lucky enough to be featured. really, would you pick that over some like this?

look, you know NOTHING about knex, so i recommend you stop acting like you do.

. hmmm In the video you link to, we never see a full run. How do we know it really works?

how do we know you have a brain? we don't until we open you up and look inside, but we would all say you have a brain right? that's because we assume that because we saw all of the parts of the roller coaster moving correctly it would work. and it seems that way.

. That's just it. We don't see all the parts working correctly. How do we know you have eyes?

at this point i really don't care if you think i have eyes or not. anyone with half a brain can see that the roller coaster in my video works, and this one doesn't. if you can't accept that then to bad for you.

I think we have established that you do not approve of me having an opinion about K'NEX. Tough. Take your arguments elsewhere.

I think we have established that you do not approve of me having an opinion about K'NEX.

that's not it, what i hate is you CONSTANTLY shoving your opinion in my face. and am sick and tired of you guys acting like knex killed your brother or something.

i have asked this many times, but can you JUST LEAVE US ALONE? we know your "trying to help" or what ever but it is just really annoying.

imagine this, you love to make chairs out of wood. you post what you make on a site that is open to everything, were there are lots of other people who also like to make chairs out of wood. though they are all chairs they are also all different, but people complain that there are so many of them and tell you to make other things out of wood, but you love to make chairs so you don't want to do that. then someone comes along telling you they are "trying to help you" by repeatedly telling you that you should not post chairs, but other things made out of wood. you tell them time and time again that you don't want to do that, and want to keep making chairs, but they just don't get it. and every time you tell them to stop, they just say " they have there opinion" and are allowed to post that. then they start bugging you more and more about it, and they say that same thing.

eventually it gets old, and is just annoying. we aren't going to change, and nothing you can say will change that, so can you please stop?

Your example is a good one - people can only improve if they stretch themselves, go outside their comfort zone. It is easy to see that there are two kinds of K'NEXers - those who produce poor write-ups, and those that don't. The ones that don't are the ones that only post K'NEX. The ones that do are the ones willing to post not just non-guns, but even non-K'NEX.

But, if you're not going to change, if you are refusing to improve the general poor quality of the K'NEX projects posted ("you" the general K'NEXers, not you personally), then do you think you really ought to be on Instructables?

1. the problem is not we can't co out side our "comfort zone" but that we just don't want to. we have fun making guns, we do it to have fun, and see really no point to making stuff out of knex if we don't have fun. why would the gun making wood chairs be making them if he did not have fun doing it?

2. somewhat true. you have to keep in mind that most(if not all)badly made instructables are made by new people, just learning the ropes to instructables, so naturally the instructable is of poor quality(you and I and a example of this). we have tried in many ways to stop people from posting bad guns with bad instructions.(ike the list, which you commented on FOR the block triggers with bad instructions i might add).

keep this in mind, knex is 100* easier to make a instructable for since you can take it apart. non-knex instructables have to have the pictures taken during the build process, which is easy to forget to do(i have). and like i said before, people have more fun making guns more then normal things, so naturally they post those.

3.the knexers don't need to change, the only people i consider to be knexers are people who hvae been here for some time and actually post some good stuff(with good instructions i might add). the people that post bad instructions we call "noobs". now you might think that is mean, but really it's there fault for being to lazy to look at a couple good instructables and see what we want.

the quality is not poor as you say.


look here, tell me which are of bad quality(please ignore the pistol called Even smaller Knex AST pistol, it was made by a impersonator trying to make a bad instructable)

dsman give it a break. Seriously as tough as it is to say this you're not going to win against Kiteman. He proves a valid point. I'd continue on but my baby sis is crying and I got to go throw her off a cli--er uh feed her.

JEEZ you guys are so , well , urgggggg!!!!!!!

hes nine-wow, ive built better stuff when I was eight, and it dose not work.

He dosnt like your stuff-well tough! just cause you havent posted anything practical dosn't mean kiteman hates knex, just your stuff, if you worked on your balance and made it have holders so you can use for real stuff, I bet a lot of knex haters would change thier minds.

And kiteman dose NOT hate knex, he has postd nice projects on some of my projects, and is guilty of owning some himself!!!! :o

thats right, kiteman has some knex!

yet BBC called it a "working model". hard to believe that no one noticed how the car rolled back in the first part, or how you never see the car go on to the chain.

Do you know the builder?

No - I found part of this video on the BBC, and the rest on YouTube.

Yeah, 'cause the only way he'd ever post this would be out of hypocritical nepotism...

haha great! though i think im the only regular who doesnt have the anti-knex script installed.

I don't really use mine that much because I keep clicking the x by accident

Lol. I have it, but I do find that rather annoying...

I don't, I am guilty of posting a knex gun...
Hey at least mine is completely different then everybody else's...

not rly, it is only different from the block triggers in that it has a sear instead of block trigger.........

I used to..then I got a new computer and found that the posting of knex ibles has greatly decreased.

I don't have it too.

That's really cool!

I Thought you hated knex

Nah he doesn't hate knex...only what we've done to it. He actually tries "helping" us improve so as we don't make our community rep any worse.

>Flood light switches on<



Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah