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Were can i buy radiator fins? Answered



Go to an auto wrecker... they have all kinds of used parts for cheap. Otherwise go to an auto parts store.

What do you need 'em for , it makes a difference to my answer

I see you expressed some interest in what Vyger had shown in an image below. To make something like that, you'd just need sheet aluminum and then cut and bend them according to your specs. It may be a lot easier than trying to find something already made.


6 years ago

Were you thinking of something like this? These are aluminum fins that are used on hot water heating systems. Baseboard heaters. They are not welded in place. So this is not a radiator fin as such but it might be along the lines of what you are looking for.


Yes this is what I was thinking. Could you direct me to you supplier. Thanks for everyone's input.

I picked mine up at the landfill, it was scrap pieces that they threw away. So since it is probably all recycled today because of the price of copper what you should do is contact someone or a company who does heating and cooling and see if they will either give or sell you some leftovers. You could also buy it in new segments if you need long pieces, those you can probably get from a plumbing supply company or maybe from a large store like Lowes or Home Depot.


6 years ago

You can't buy just radiator fins. They are stamped and pressed onto the radiator's tubing. Older ones are soldered or brazed to the tubes. You could make your own. Try aluminum roof flashing. you can buy it by the roll at hardware/builder stores.

Most thin metals can be added to pipes to be radiator fins, especially aluminium, since it is a good thermal conductor.