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We're going to Latitude! Answered

16th - 19th July

Henham Park


The Kite family are going to a festival!

Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys, comedy, arts, and hundreds of tents.

I just ordered the tickets online.

See you there?



Ok, now I KNOW I've been out of touch in this genre` for too long... LOL

I am mostly pre-1980 conscious when it comes to music groups, except for a very few....

Sounds like a cheap rip off of SXSW (South by Stouth West)...

I see some similarities too. But SXSW is mega-awesome.

Not yet. I really wanna go though. Let people say what they want about TX, but the groups that play at SXSW are usually awesome. It seems like there is a melding of independent/DIY southern music that seemlessly closes the genre-gaps. It's kinda like "Austin City Limits" with a semi-punk attitude.

That's another good one... Austin City Limits Music Festival. SXSW packs more than just music; Internet are in the mix. Austin City Limits is more likely to have big-name music makers.

What a line -up! Grace Jones? I thought I was doing good by seeing The Selector for free - is she going to beat anyone-up now that Russel Harty is dead? PSB and Nick cave interest me more, where's Henham Park? I just might... L

It's on the Suffolk coast, near Southwold, a few miles south of Lowestoft, only 15 minutes from my house!

I think I remember it from a previous time (should have actually followed the link yesterday) Looks a bit pricey though, tends to suggest it'll be packed and even more expensive. Still, something to think about. L

The cost is what put us off in past years, but now Kitewife works full time, and next year Roger-X will be full price. (It's Kitewife's fault we're going, really - she like the Pet Shop Boys).

Full weekend? I guess you'll enjoy being able to go home whilst others are going back to their tents... L

No, we're staying on site - far easier to stagger a few yards back to the tent than to find our way off-site, and much less chance of missing anything. Kitewife won't be staying for the Sunday night, though, as her school is open on the Monday. Mine and the boys' are closed.

You're seeing The Selector for free? How so?

It was a free music festival, some people turned up for The Selector on scooters then left as soon as they finished - they were extremely "annoyed" when someone plugged a kettle-in and tripped their power. And the French act stole my beer...

Wow, nice. Wish I'd have known, I'd have come along. I'm sure my Dad would have loved it.

Unless you you live in the UK this isn't going to go that far. But The Selector were top guys and they didn't steal any of our beer. L

Photos here under the description "Timeless". Pat Fulgoni was one of the main guys on the events, nice bloke.


Nick Cave..... AWESOME!!!

Woah! Fantastic news! Latitude is one of the best festivals going, but this year I'm going to Leeds instead. Ticket prices got announced today, it works out at 195 quid for 5 days of getting drunk in a field with some awesome music playing. A little steep, but I'm cool with it. Editors are great, I recommend seeing them for sure.

Also Latitude is one of, if not the most, family friendly festival there is in the UK, ideal for your situation. Festival Republic are great event organisers too.