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Were to find salvage yards and decostruction sites? Answered

I have been trying to find some salvage yards and deconstruction sites in my area for some time now,and so far have had no luck.I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites that can tell me where a salvage yard is or of future deconstruction sites?


Thanks for the offer, but I am planning to build an air cannon that is about 25ft long, which would be very heavy shipping cost. I will be sure to post a website if I find anything.

. I'd start by looking in the Yellow Pages for Contractors, Recycling, etc and see if any of those people know. If you find a site with the info, let us (or at least me) know.


11 years ago

Where I live there is a salvage center at the dump, I get all kinds of stuff there, mostly electronics. I can't help you with finding a salvage yard nearby you, but I could ship something to you if you ever needed something. I can find anything there :)