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What Airsoft gun is better for a fun battle in the woods? Answered

I'm going to be having several airsoft battles with my friends. About six people total, myself included. I narrowed down my choices down to a JG G36C with a vertical foregrip and red/green dot, or a JG AUG A3 with a red/green dot and vertical foregrip. I know the AUG is more accurate, but is it reliable? Which one should I choose?


I recently purchased an AUG and I LOVE it! I would definitely go with the AUG because the bullpup barrel design allows for a longer barrel in a smaller package, thus increasing the accuracy without making the gun larger. Also the AUG lets you go from semi- auto to full auto simply by pressing the trigger in farther and the AUG's versatility lets it be useful in most any situation, be it sniping or close range, in case you find yourself airsofting somewhere other than a forest. Still do some research on both guns and decide for your self which gun you should get.

I would get the g36c cause it is a close quarters weapon and you wont have much of a straight shot area.

I know, but the woods near me aren't that dense, so an AUG wouldn't be that impractical.