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What Are Some Fun things I can do with a bottle cap?? Answered

Any Ideas of things I can do with a bottle cap???


learn to bend it in half with one hand and inpress the girls. put it between your middle finger and thumb and snap your fingers and make it going flying. glue a magnet onto the back of it and make a fridge magnet attach a paper clip the the side and make it into a barbi sized 14" skillet take it to the recycling depot so it can be made into new and wonderous things

Hey thanks everybody! I know how to stay out of boredom for one day

Cross your first and second fingers, then put the rim of the cap between them. Squeeze and flick the cap forward. With a bit of practice, you should be able to get it to go 25-30 feet, and it's less painful than digitalbrad's method.

invert it, like a cup, stick anything like a straw, pen, or other light 6" rod. Stuff the opening with putty, plastecine, mud, jello, whatever, so the rod stands up straight Put your arm on a stable table, wrist up, relax. Put the widget on your arm, right over your most visible veins. You can now see your heartbeat as the stick wiggles :D Also works on the chest if you are laying down.