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What Brought You? Answered

So K'nexers,

What made you come to instructables? My story is wierd.Okay, so I was in the living room watching tv. I saw a commercial for a catapult, and I made one out of legos. After making my catapult, I googled Catapult toys. It asked me if I meant K'nex Catapult Toy so I chose yes. The first one there was this. I instantly wanted to make a gun. A google search later and I saw the KILLERK gun. Built it, and then branched out to where I am now. And that's my story. What's yours?

Signed, R&C


i found the knexecutioner on youtube, and i had a link to here. i have been browsing since august 2007, but go an account in may 2008. Good old perfect duck!

i looked for a knex something and found the best knex car on the site. then i saw on the related a knex gun. so i built it and got hooked.

I used to build random office weapons off here, and it was always the best site, and, there being so many knex ibles, one was in the related section, and voila. didn't join till six months or so after I found it. The only reason I joined was to leave a comment on bballkidx's hammer pistol thing.

Prepare for another one of my famous essays. Alright so a new kid who joined our social group made these awesome pen tube super launchers. They were pretty powerful like we would launch fork pieces across the lunch room and at the ceiling. He sold them for anywhere from like $2-5 so I wanted something that I could make and sell that would compete. I used the good ol' internet and looked and looked until I came to lego guns. I thought that was pretty crazy. I came to knex a little later and thought it was even crazier. I saw a video for a tiny block trigger so I made it with the pieces I had laying around and got hooked. I ran into instructables looking for more guns. After all of that I just waited until I got more pieces. I eventually got more so looked at what I could build now. One of the things I looked at first was hobolord's uzi (me loving uzis back then) so I built it but didn't like it too well. I was short on pieces still so I made up a lot of the gun as I went so that's mostly why. This is where I started on my "career" to become an awesome builder instead of just making other's guns. I made an even smaller uzi like weapon which I figured was pretty awesome back then. I kept making even better guns until I got to the point were I got more pieces and made guns like the Stg44. That's when I really became active in the community.

Heres my story: I just moved to my new house in seattle, I was at youtube and i was really bored. I had some knex at that time and I used to like them. I searched knex weapons at youtube and i came across some wimpy knex crossbows. I really liked them so i made more guns from youtube. I soon saw extreme builder's fully auto, which had a link to instructables. I followed the link and i was here. I didn't get an account intill 5 months after.

ok, i was searching on how to make a maze, and Instructables is the first result that came up...........................................

I got bored one day with nothing to do, so I started typing stuff in on the youtube search bar. There being so many knex videos on the site, I was bound to run into one. I looked at a few different categories of knex objects, and thought a few of them were really cool. I later noticed a few videos that included instructions on how to build the item in the video. After searching youtube for a while, I was unimpressed with the instructional videos I found. I was looking through the comments on one particular gun, and noticed a comment referring people to this site for instructions. I checked it out, got hooked, and now I have nothing better to do but type this story.

I always loved knex. I had been building with it for a long time. I googled knex, found that good ol' KILLERK Pistol and got hooked.


9 years ago

here's my story, My brother was on YouTube.com then he wanted to see knex coasters so he typed knex and it came up with rolar coasters and other things so he clicked on the video of the review thing for killerk's pistol and he looked up knex gatling gun on google and it came up with the site Instructables.com. Theres my story