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What Can I Build With One "2 x 4" Answered

ok so i'm taking a woodshop course, and our next project is to make something out of "one 8ft 2x4" pretty much the only thing that can be used is the "2x4". Does anyone have any ideas?



some samurai weapons if screws / nails allowed : mini table (cut it to 1x4 and 2x2s to have kinda more material) frame for a big tent built of 1x1s if chemistry allowed : matches

Seems like this assignment is meant to challenge you, and it kinda comes off as cheating if you present it in the forums. No doubt anyone here worth their salt could run wild and make some amazing stuff, and some have given you great ideas. So what did you make? My guess is the easiest thing that someone else suggested. You're cheating yourself and your education. If you had half an ounce of creativity you could have solved this yourself, then posted an 'Ible detailing your adventures. Instead you copped out to the other smarter, creative members. Hope you passed the assignment.

A picture frame comes to mind or a canvas frame...

Err stilts? you could lop it in to loads of small pieces and make a tetris game. lets see - 8ft = 96inches so that's 24 4x4x2 squares to play with.

make a simple knife rack, cut it in to two 3 feet long bits, make two end pieces then cut the rest in to thin spacer slices that keep the two bits a certain length apart and the knives in position.

A fire?

Cut it down the middle, now you have two 8ft long 2x2s cut these a few more times then lathe out a vast quantity of not particularly good drumsticks.

Some kind of simple puzzle game.

A basic catapult you stamp on. Even the axle could be lathed from the wood.

A very basic wine rack.

A simple rope winder - ala the instructable, that'd be something out of the ordinary to build.

A shoe rack, maybe three feet long and slanted.

A small step to reach a few inches higher or for kids to use the sink.

You could cut it in to small sections and carve figures or barnyard animals from it.

A screwdriver rack, drill holes and make a small base, that might actually be a handy item.

Cut it down the middle, now you have two 8ft long 2x2s cut these a few more times then lathe out a vast quantity of not particularly good drumsticks.

Or one heck of a lot of tooth picks :-)

Doll-house scale anything.

A small stepladder for reaching cupboards.

A pike.

Plane the entire thing into shavings and make a wooden wig.

Slice the whole thing like a loaf, and make tiles.

Hmm, if you can't use anything else....nails nor lag bolts or what not...you may have to use a plug saw (cuts out wooden plugs) as fasteners, unless you dove tail the joints of whatever you make. Good Luck :-)

Slice it down lengthwise in half on the wide side to get two long blanks. If your lathe can handle it, turn out a pair of the biggest chopsticks you've ever seen. BTW, a 2x4 doesn't really measure 2" by 4" after it has been "dimensioned" by the lumberyard.

Cut it in half the ling way like killerjackalope said but then cut ten one foot pieces off and glue them all together and then once they're dry scrape the glue off the top and bottom part and then put it through the thing that takes off a small layer of wood from the top and bottom a few times to make it smooth and then cut a shape out of it on a bandsaw and then you have a cutting board :D I'm not sure how well it would work with a 2x4 though, when we made them at school last year we used some kind of plywood. It was really easy to make but involved a lot of sanding.

How creative do you want to be?
You could follow Sunbanks solution and make a butcher's block (there's a few things I'd change, but...)

rip it into 1/4 inch strips, soak in water, weave a basket.

carve it into a double kayak paddle

rip it into 1X4's and build a small chest

make a cricket bat

make this

does it have to be like a shelf or like a routered motorcycle