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What Cricut to get my wife? Answered

Hello everyone,
I want to suprise my wife with her very own crickut. I know absolutely nothing about these, but I want to get her the best one available... I guess the new ones cut fabric as well as vinyl and paper.  so thats the one I know shes been talking to her friends about. so where do I order and which one do I want? and what accessories should I get? If I go to their website Ill spend a bunch of money just adding stuff to the cart. I want to go in slightly educated lol.
Please help!

a caring but ignorant hubby!


If I was your wife, I would want you to buy the Silhouette Cameo instead of a Cricut. The reason is, the Cricut requires cartridges in order for it to work, and that's a costly downside, which also limits the users creativity.

The Silhouette Cameo on the other hand, does NOT use cartridges. It works much like a printer when hooked up to a computer. It cuts paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and some other materials. It is less expensive than the Cricut, but in my opinion it does a lot more (because again, you don't have to buy those darn cartridges).

It comes with software, and a $10 gift card to buy pre-designed creations off their website. The only accessory I would recommend buying is extra cutting blades, because they all wear out (regardless of who makes the cutting machine).

No, I'm not a sales person, just someone in love with that machine and not lucky enough to have a hubby to buy me one. :(

I forgot to give you the Store Locator link to find a seller near you. 
In my opinion, its another bonus that they are sold in stores.

+1 to all of the above.

Cricut was cool to come out with a gadget that does it all in one, but the closed proprietary cartridge is their downfall in my 'purchasing' mind. I recall someone on hackaday posting a way to put your own vectors on a custom cartridge, trouble is getting the encryption right.

I am not opposed to getting this one in place of the cricut.. I like this idea. I still feel like an idiot as far as my knowledge.. and feel extremely confused with this stuff.

Thank you for the information people. I ordered the Silhouette Cameo for her and it should get here today sometime... I cant wait to see her face when she gets it :)