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What DVDs does the Wii read? Answered

What DVDs does the Wii read? I'm using Mem Rex +R DVDs (4.7 GB and 16x) to play backup gamecube games on my Wii. Can you tell me how to play a backup gamecube game? Thanks!



is it a newer wii or and older wii? the new wiis can't play anything but official games in their drives.

Unless you have a drive capable of burning off those proprietary GameCube discs (which are not DVDs), you will not be able to play backups of GameCube games. The closest you will probably get to your thinly-veiled goal of piracy of gamecube games is if you get an ISO loaded onto a hard drive and try to boot it from a HD image loader. I don't think that you can rip an ISO from a gamecube disc unless you happen to have a very specialized optical drive... Unless you've installed some unauthorized software on your wii, you won't be able to play backups at all, Wii, Gamecube, or otherwise.

It doesn't read DVD's at all.


8 years ago

It plays wii games and gamecube games. That's about all I know.