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What Do Nerf Gun Brass Barrel Mods Do? Answered

I'm really confused by this. How does adding a brass barrel to it make a Nerf gun better?



5 years ago

The way I see it, brass barrels have the best combination of tight fit and low friction. Also, a barrel that is the right length uses all the air from the plunger (is the same volume), so nothing that can be used for pushing the dart is wasted.

sometimes the foam bullet is not held in the nerf gun barrel tightly i use brass tubing to creat a better seal around the dart.

it just does. try it. pvc is just like it(only plaStic) and i use it and its awesome so brass is awesome too.

I tried longer barrels and stuff, but it didn't do anything. It dosn't make the barrel any longer either, because the tip of the dart still has to stick out. Who's the dumbass who made up brass barrels?

well, if you use stefans, it works better cuz they got no tip. shorter barrels are actually better because the air pressure has less time to equalize, thus provuding more pressure, which=power.

Shiny=good. Duh.

More length=more accuracy and more powerful

It's not more accurate if the tip is sticking out, because it's the same length in. And it doesn't shoot as far as before because it's bigger and so it has less air pressure.