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What Do You Do When You Are Bored? Answered

So then, what do you do when you are bored? Or to just past the time? Hobbies? On Instructables of course, but what else do you guys do in your day?


When I was bored I made this. It looks grenadeish but how do i make it fire?


i walk around my house backwards a few times.

play video games build junk go on my computer

Sharpening my weapons ( or in case it's a wooden weapon, sand or oil it ), play video games, practice Taekwondo, Swordfight ( with wasters of course ), sleep, chatting, play drum, lock myself on my room and pretend to be akon, making weapons, read comics, watch anime, the simpsons or monk, and watching YouTube AMVs ( Anime music videos ).

lock myself on my room and pretend to be akon

Hehehehe... I very briefly got into Akon because I heard "Locked Up" and was like holy crap a rapper/hip-hop musician who can actually sing... didn't last long though.

I presume you've seen I wish I was a lesbian, best AMV ever...

You wish you were a lesbian??!!!! Dude..... you must have some problems.....

I sit and animate stick figures on pivot

Walk around in circles. Think. Design stuff. Design some more stuff. Wonder who in the world would use the stupid stuff I'm designing.

Modify and paint my various Nerf guns.


9 years ago


I honestly can't remember the last time I was bored. Boredom is a luxury of the lazy and the stupid.

being creative, i always have an influx of ideas, so most my spare time is spent doing projects, most of which end up on here!


9 years ago

when im board i daydream. i even have a full series going in. so far im on season 3 or 5.

you really don't want to know ;P

Build crap. My property is coverd in crap I built when I was bored. I could probably sell most of it, but trying to sell it is boring, and we all know where that leads... two more inventions have been built by the time I sell one.

instructables play with my bird Rocky visit instructables forums sleep walk drink slurpees smoke flavored tobacco from a hookah make lists of stuff i do when im bored

I do thisand put it on my rockband guitar
paper airplanes

Cool! :D

If I am really bored, I will just think about anything!

you asked... i make things with knex.

i forgot to add, i also nerf and play with my DS from time to time.

and i play cards. yes i know i am a nerd.

Make a company that targets paranoid people. (found it while searching Google on how to make a present for my neighbors - see my question).


10 years ago

I sleep on the table and spit on domes when im bored
omg my spits are like a bomb

I build electronics, or if I've ran out of stuff to do (waiting for stuff in the mail) I watch TV. I've always wondered what normal people do, I asked 2 girls (they go to the high school with me for math) and they say they read, exciting.

Reading is exciting. Especially the Twilight series.

I think read can be fun, but I feel (call it sad) that if I'm not learning anything as I read I'm wasting time...

ditto that. its especially bad with the mandatory reading at school.

the worst books I've ever read are (school...): One eye'd cat I think that's it's name, about 200 pages of the most boring stuff ever. I bet I could make the bool 30 pages and still have the same message. Johnny Tremain Nee I say more? It was funny in family guy though

omg i thought i was the only one thst hated jonny tremain

I had to read some book, I don't remember what one, about this kid in ancient Greece or somewhere like that that wanted to become a gold-worker-person. I think someone stole the gold in the book...Anyway it was really boring and I hated it.

top 5 worst books ive read for school (some in french) 5) the pigman 4) he devils arithmatic 3) the road to chlifa 2)terror on the windigo an the number one worst book tristan and iseut.

same here. i had an hour to kill, so i build a 9 stage voltage multiplier. i woke up a six an could not go to sleep; enter 10 led chaser (making an instructabel of that) when i have no parts or no inspiration, i go on the internet.


I am bored.gif

Hee hee hee. The internet does put much at our fingertips, i just found This. Go past the star wars and you'll see some pretty cool inspiring robots.

LOL oscar says: lol. not to mention the cool science stuff on the internet.