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What Do You Do With Your Laptop? Answered

Asus, a sponsor of Instructables, has put together WePC where they are asking for input on their next generation laptops. As part of their sponsorship, they've asked my opinion on various aspects of laptops. Most recently What do I do with my laptop?

What do you do with your laptop? Think of things you do everyday, every week, every month, or once a year.


If PC's count, then i do: Daily: Surf Instructables, watch Youtube videos. Weekly: edit on Sony Vegas and After Effects, Play on Runescape(dont hate me...), and research for pyro stuff. Thats all I can think of right now.

I'll start off by saying that I run XP Pro on a circa-2004 laptop.

I'm on the Internet everyday, for that I use Firefox.

Whenever I'm on the PC, I've got Pidgin running for IM.

I do papers and assignments a lot on Office 2007, and study guide collabs with friends via Google Docs.

I'll also do A LOT of software testing... Anything that sounds cool or useful I'll give a try.

I watch movies and listen to music too. That's about it. No gaming for me haha =P

Quick surfing, testing Xbox controllers modded for USB on different games, trying new programs, movies, music (i have DJ-ing programs also when i do a show for my mom's radio station) and of course, create instructables.

every day, use it as a glorified GPS.. (( wardriving in the background )) Monitor the car through it's computer and ODB II or ALDL software... Surf the web on the wireless network, and send a few emails

Use it when I'm out and about, conferences and such. Photoshop, when I can get hold of it I use it as an image dump while doing photography... Usual stuff like web access and such, handy for coursework when I'm away and such. up at the other house so I don't have to lug the desktop up every time I'm up there...

School work, word processing, with much anger at lack of compatibility. :P Main source of listening to music at home. Internet access. Storage of photos/photo editing. Occasional watching of movies/TV shows.

go with it everywhere often without power supply for hours use paint play mp3's on its built in speakers (the loudest possible volume that does not sound like speakers going to tear into pieces) surf internet / im / irc / downloads (plugging to various routers and network cables in various places which dont allways work. having trouble with wireless it does not work well in linux) watch videos (640x480 max) stretched to fullscreen and on max volume sound use its usb as fast source to power or charge dying mp4 players and phones - mine or my friends use it with "usb to red and blue wires adapter" - an extremely useful usb device which i built myself - to power all kinds of stuff use it as storage to quickly dump full sd cards from digital cameras to the desktop winter : leave it on at night as it gives its part in heating the house (which is needed anyway) + pikachu likes to sleep on it cause its warm

Every day:

  • Photoshop
  • IM
  • Internet


  • Word processing


  • Movies
  • Connect to *nix compute servers at my work, using xterms and ssh.
  • Run my experiment's analysis software and do data processing locally.
  • Access Web sites both work-related and for personal interest.
  • e-mail, both work-related and personal.
  • Occasionally run MicroS**t Office for spreadsheets, documents or presentations.
  • iTunes, YouTube, etc.

Most of what I do is terminal/command-line based, which is one of the many reasons I prefer Apple machines (I'm using an iBook G4 right now) with their native Unix (FreeBSD) platform.

Yeah; me too. Add: remote attendance of company meetings/etc (mostly via web-based things.)

If I had a laptop:
-Internet access
-Word processor

I have low requirements, the Eee PC 90x or 100x series seems to fit the bill.

So will there be an Asus-sponsored contest appearing?

Every day: Internet, email, programming, word processing, skype, itunes Weekly: Image editing (usually gimp, occasionally photoshop)

Browse internet, mail, music, word processing, videos, gimp, skype

Make it into a web terminal and mounted to the wall in your kitchen.

Browsing the internet Some photo editing Word processing Run reference material software Watch videos Download files Email

School work Office Mathcad Matlab surf the net IM friends store my digital photos keep my lap warm.

Most of the time, office work (school) and surfing the net while it's on a docking station with external mouse, keyboard and speakers. Otherwise, I take it round to friends houses about once a week, once a year I'll take it on holiday with me.


9 years ago

Do visual work: (photo-editing, video-editing, music editing) Document: (powerpoint, documents, excel) Listen to music, watch movies, surf teh_intarwebz..

Write school documents, listen to music, surf, and play games.