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What Do You Like To Draw? Answered

What type of art do you do? (i.e. painting, sculpting, pastels, graphite, charcoal etc.) What do you like to draw? (i.e. landscapes, animals, people etc.) 


I love drawing charcoal portraits (usually singers and guitarists), psychedelic drawings with sharpies and color pencils and making some acrylic painting (a kind of psychedelic landscapes (for the moment).


3 years ago

Faces, people

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I used to draw monsters using color pencils, and also i have guts to use some oil colors as well....

I used to draw cars using coloured pencils, liquid ink pens and markers , I then started doing electronic circuits as a hobby and stopped drawing for three years+ and about a month ago I started to draw Manga style drawings using sketch pencils and a liquid ink pen (sometimes) on the side.

If you want to see some of them, just ask. :)

I like to draw in my notebook with markers and occasionally on canvas with acrylic paint

As far as media are concerned, either drawing using oil pastels, chalk, charcoal, crayons, or colored pencils, or painting using watercolors, primarily, although I'm open to anything within reason, for traditional, or digital drawing, painting, vectoring, or 3D modeling, and as far as subject, it depends on mood or thought mainly.

I like drawing people.

I do have to admit that I am not very good, but it's still fun!

I draw anime (this is not my best at all) and I make video game carecters like Bowser and stuff into humans


i like to draw but my picture isn't beautiful like u

I like to draw sketches for houses and furniture :)

I love to draw horses :). Here is one of my drawings:

Une horse drawings 020.jpg

4 years ago

I like to draw cars

I would like to make sketches of landscapes. It will be a great fun for me. What do you think ?

I love to draw manga stuff, in fact, I have a topic on ideas for my manga. Please check that out!

I enjoy drawing landscapes and waterfalls like this, what do you think?

 I draw on walls. I know its "illegal" but would you want to stare at a blank wall or some sweet tag?

Unless it's a gigantic curse word or something like that, I don't mind graffiti at all, some people have a LOT of talent doing that.

I paint, sculpt, and do charcoal sometimes


4 years ago

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I draw cars. Definitely what I'm good at.


Wow! Those look great, I like the first one the most! :-)

Thanks! Drawing cars is a hobby I do when I'm bored at school. That car you like is an early ford model t. All the other cars are my own concept designs.

I have to forum topics of my car drawings if you want to see some more.

me too

I like to draw monsters, demons

I like to draw monsters, demons, skulls and lots of cool stuff we don't get to see in this reality

The topic you choose is really unique, and I completely enjoyed the post and hope more post from you soon.

I mainly draw ideas for furniture, and oh yeah - robots too :)

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I like to create sites and drow images for that. I like poker

Style: abstract.
Materials: any type of waterbased paint, sidewalk chalk, and digital art software are my faves. Fave digital painting program is MyPaint.

so this is a picture I drew in about two minutes than went over with sandpaper ( because it was there ) and than I took picture of it using different effects in photo booth I like the X-ray the most.

Photo on 2011-03-21 at 11.51.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.53.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.53 #2.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.54.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.55.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.56.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.56 #4.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.57.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-21 at 11.57 #2.jpg

These pictures are absolutely fantastic! Great thinking. Can these effects be given using photoshop?

I have no idea I downloaded the effects from the apple website here (I have a mac) and ran the installer and they installed in photobooth and ichat

Here is another of my drawings. This is silver felt tip on black paper, no rulers, even the circle is hand drawn.


VERY COOL. I wish my hand could be so steady :-)

My daughter said it looks like a cut glass paperweight. That must be the effect of using black paper. Thanks for looking. craftyv.

I mostly like to draw aliens, monsters, a real life like battle seen, dogs, cats, guns, halo related stuff, and weird things. :)