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What Do You Play Answered

I just thought I would start off this by asking the members of this group and any others that are reading this what instrument they play or like and why? I play the tenor saxophone (first chair) at my local high school, where we have one of the top jazz bands in the state if not farther out. I've been playing tenor since the end of 5th grade, I am currently in 10th. This means I've had some time to practice.


Guitar(Acoustic and Electric), harmonica, a little mandolin, and a little ukulele.


9 years ago

I played guitar at one point.

I kinda gave up..

id like to play sax but currently the clarinet, piano keyboard,recorder if that counts :) and the caustic gutar

I play the alto sax, piano, and a little bit of guitar. 


8 years ago

 I play the trombone, trumpet, euphonium, tuba, guitar, drums, piano/keyboard, and the mandolin.

I happen to play the clarinet. I would absolutely LOVE to play the violin and piano though!!!!!!!!! And as for theose physco band teachers, I thought I had the worst woodwind teacher in the world. He was so strict and my class though he was crazy! Now we all love him and wish that he hadn't retired last year :( The truth is that those crazy teachers really do make you better. They push you when you don't take the effort to push yourself and those of us that were taught by my first band teacher are now higher chairs than the rest who were not (taught by him that is)

I play horn in school and was picked to play in honor band for first chair. I play a little bit of guitar,a lot of piano, marimba, and a bit of clarinet.


9 years ago

I play drumset in jazz band and also in a "band band"

Trumpet, Guitar. And drums and keyboard just to make people laugh.

I play baritone horn in extra-action.com


10 years ago

I'm in 7th grade and I play drums, second chair. I am in Jazz Band.

I play a blues harp (harmonica) although not very well. I do have a nice collection of harps, except I do not have a slide harp nor a valved diatonic (which I would love to learn to play). Someday maybe.

Nice, I see you have posted on another one of my forums as well. If you post on my other 2 you will have the whole set. Although I don't know what a valved diatonic is exactly. I have an old harmonica from I don't know how long ago. It has two sides each a different pitch. It's old but i don't know how old off the top of my head, I'll get a picture of it sometime and post it when I download all my photos including the ones of my up and coming painting instructable (painted an Xbox controller using a feathering technique).

Ok, well a diatonic harmonica has a set of notes ( sharps and flats) by blowing or sucking on each hole; normally in one key (my first harmonica was a Honer Marine band - Key of C ). One with a valve or slide, has the ability to change Key. A Chromatic harmonica has the entire range of 12 notes of the Chromatic scale incorporated in the harmonica (instead of eight holes, it has 12), with both sharps and flats.

That might be what I have. The 12 notes with sharps and flats.

They tend to be a bit longer then one expects, when they say "harmonica" :-) They look like this


That looks about right, I'll post a pic soon, I'm uploading pics to my library right now, it's not in them but I'll upload it this weekend when I have more time.

My first one was a Honer C Marine Band and looked like this: with the second picture showing its size....


Yeah, the Hohner C is a standard beginning "harp" for sure. I forget who recommended I start with that one.....I still have it and all but the very lowest note sounds good still (that lowest base note now sounds more like a sick goose then a note LOL )

:-) one learns quickly that it must be taken care of or else

Here is the one I found in the basement. It's about 5 inches long and two sided. On each side it has two rows, 16 holes long.


Oh wow, a new one of those lists for: $99.95 USD That is a Honer also, correct ?

It is a M. Hohner, made in Germany, so yes. Although I don't exactly know how old it is. "THE ECHO HARP"

It's in good condition since only the wood where the mouth goes is slightly worn. The tin (or I think thats what it is) that is covering it has no scratches or dents either. Although the case it came in is cardboard and waring out on the edges and hinges.

You have yourself a right prize there :-)

It's on amazon for $130, but a newer version, I'm guessing mine is about 15-20 years old. The pic on amazon is much better, just search Echo Harp.

I was looking around, and found prices ranging from $75 (new) and upward to $199.

I found out my harp is actually anywhere from 20-40 years old so it's ancient. Also I'm about to post my first instructable (It's my controller picture and a how to) not like I'm advertising or anything...

I have an old one at home too (not sure of the brand), but the leather case (decreped as it is) tells the story of it's age :-)

Oh, yeah, sorry about my spelling of Hohner *blush*

hey! thats cool, i've got a blues harp and a tremolo harmonica (both in the key of C)

i'm alright at it, i can play ode to joy and some basic blues tunes, and i've been trying to play Piano Man by ear; I'm getting there.

Piano. I've taken lessons, and can play by ear somewhat.

and can play by ear somewhat.

If I played piano, I would use my fingers....playing by ear sounds painful LOL

I thought it was funny, just not very original ( it is a bit of an old pun actually )

Quite a few indeed :-) My greatest challenge would be to get my right hand to ignore what the left was doing *sigh*

Hmmm, you aren't old enough to remember where that came from I am sure ( "You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish", REO Speedwagon's seventh studio album ) :-)

Well, I can babble puns out for hours on end :-) This wouldn't be a war, it would be more like a 5 minute skirmish

The thing is, I can get pretty obscure with my puns of course, that doesn't mean I am pretty, just obscure ;-)