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What Does 'Stuff' Refer to? Answered

does it have to be food or cam it be anything ?




8 years ago

Are you talking about the stuff on a stick contest? There it refers to food. According to a forum topic I saw the other day:

"Our Stuff on a Stick Contest is just for food, but if it was for any crazy item on a stick, Steve McGranahan's lawnmower on a stick would be a strong contender." (My emphasis).

And also directly from the contest page: 

"Its easy to enter: just submit your projects featuring food on sticks!" (Also my emphasis)

So that means that I can't do my mp3 player on a stick? I already took the time to cut up some headphones and glued the stick on the bit : (

You're too late anyway, Mr. Bumper. The contest is already in judging.

Yeah, I was really thinking about a voodoo effigy of a little brother on a stick, but then remembered it had to be food LOL J/K

Well technically a little brother on a stick would be food, but that would be cannibalism, which I believe is illegal in most states.

...and the District of Columbia. Not valid without coupon.

eatable voodoo doll?

Kill your enemies by eating them and gain their power!