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What Does Your Average Day Look Like? Answered

Just a simple question, i wanna know what you other Instructablers do in your average day. Here is my average day: 06:55: Getting up. 07:05: Doing my usual stuff, making sandwiches for school, doing my hair, getting my books etc. 07:35: Going to train station Veenendaal-West (my home town). 07:50: Getting in the train. 08:10: Get out of the train, and getting my bike from station Driebergen-Zeist. 08:30: Getting teached about technical stuff (stripping cars, learning to weld, etc). 14:30: Schools out! 14:35: Going to station Driebergen-Zeist. 14:45: Waiting for my train. 14:55: Getting on the train. 15:15: Getting off the train in Veenendaal-West. 15:20: Back home (yay)! 15:25: Doing homework. 16:30: Stop doing homework. 16:35: Gaming (PS3 ftw). 17:30: Dinner. 18:00: Checking mail, Youtube inbox, Ibles inbox, etc. 19:00: Gaming. 20:00: Gaming. 21:00: Gaming. 21:05: Getting punished for gaming too much. 21:10:K'nexing. 22:00: Taking a shower. 22:15: K'nexing. 23:00: Going to bed. The end.. So.. how was your day? -Viccie.B1993-


I don't think I have an average day. At least, not at this level of detail. I usually wake up. I rarely eat breakfast. Most days, I start work, which involves some random combination of analysis, testing, invention, problem-solving, conferences with others (which are probably the most scheduled item), and so on. I take breaks at random times and do random other things; since I'm on flex time the breaks can range from minutes to hours. Sometime around noon I usually eat lunch. Eventually I eat dinner. Work may end before dinner and give way to personal projects, or personal projects may come earlier in the day and I spend some work hours after dinner. Usually I spend some hours reading. Some days I engage in music or archery or locksmithing or woodworking or work on the house or spend time with my girlfriend or go for a long bike ride or... I live. I mostly enjoy myself.


8 years ago

0630: Alarm goes off.
0650: Drag my lazy @$$ outta bed.
0655: Get in the shower.
0705: Make breakfast.
0715: Watch TV/ half fall asleep.
0740: Start walking to school. It's literally 250 meters from my house.
0800: 1st period. History
0800-1429: Try not to kill anyone.
1430: Throw confetti.
1443: Open up my door. Yes, at exactly 1443.
1630: Step mom gets home.
1830: Dad gets home.
2200: Go to bed.

That took a while to type. =p

 You get out at 2:30 (14:30)???

My school gets out at 3:45 (15:45)!!

Wake up Get dressed Go to school (and get pissed off by my english teacher there) Go home (where my mom pisses me off) Go on computer Eat Go on computer Homework (where I sneak a visit on the computer) Take a shower More computer Get punished for too much computer Knex Bed.

"Get punished for too much gaming" Get punished for too much computer" Lol, our moms are identical in that way.

Lol my mom punishes me for watching tv, builing knex, and getting on the computer at the same time =)

07:00 Wake up
07:35 walk the dog
07:45 Make my yummy breakfast ^^
08:00 pack my books etc.
08:30 (or 9:00, got free hours :-)  hop on my bike
9:15 at school , learning random $h*t
16:45 School out
17:00 Gamecubing PoP
17:50 Dinnertime
18:47 Knexing ;-)
19:00 tv , watch CSI miami
20:00 pc
22:00 eat a snack
23:00 go to bed

don't you have work or something like school?

How old are you? 1. wake up 2. go to school 3.go to running practice 4. come home 5.homework 6.computer 7. bed it sucks i have no time for knex anymore

Lol, that must yeah. I'm 15 btw, soon turning 16! :D

dan ben je dus tussen 1oktober en 30 december jarig

7:45: (You guys are mad at 6:00!) wake up
8:00: Hair, breakfast, brush teeth etc.
8:20: Walk to school with mate.
8:30: Meet up with more people.
8:40: Walk to school.
3:30: Schools out.
10:30 Bedtime (I try) after living, including comp and hwk etc.


 6:55 wake up
7:05 just sit there, breakfast maybe a nap
7:35 pack stuff, some homework
8:35 going to school
8:40 at school learning some stuff
15:00 school's out!
16:00 at home now more homework
17:00 computer time!
18:00 dinner
19:30 anything
23:00 nightime


8 years ago

Every second of my life:Live.


8 years ago

06:00 I get up 06:45 I go on the computer 07:03 I leave to the train station 07:08 I arrive at the train station 07:11 I get on the train 07:28 I get off the train 07:39 I get on the bus 08:10 I get off the bus 08:15-17:15 School 08:15-12:00 School on Wednesdays 08:15-14:30 School on Fridays 18:15 Get home 13:15 Get home on Wednesdays 15:45 Get home on Fridays 18:15/13:15/15:45-19:00 Chillax 19:00-20:30 Homework 21:00 Dinner 21:30-22:00 Watch TV 22:00-23:00 Read 23:00 Sleep Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Two things: 1: That is a vary interesting school schedule. 2: When does knexing fall in??

Your school schedule almost made me dizzy.... =P

I got the rest of it though...

12:00am-11:59pm stuff

I teach - there's no such thing as an average day.

The teached have one.. Just kiddin', but i do feel like i'm in school forever sometimes.


8 years ago

An average day for me is to achieve a good balance between doing what I have to do, with what I want to do.

It is not always easy, but it is easier now that I'm semi-retired.

0715 get up 0716 have shower 0740 eat 0800 get ready for school 0820 walk to school 0824 meet friends 0845 go to form class 0900 1st period 1000 walk to 2nd period 1005 2nd period 1100 interval (eat muck around with mates) 1120 walk to 3rd period 1125 3rd period 1220 walk to 4th period 1225 4th period 1300 lunch time (eat muck around with mates) 1400 form time 1410 walk to 5th period 1415 5th period 1510 walk home 1515 eat 1520 go on ibles (yay!) or muck around with knex (1715-1945 tae kwon do mondays and wednesdays) (1900-1930 guitar lessons thursdays) around 1800 eat after dinner dishes 2000 go on ibles (yay!) or muck around with knex 2130 go to bed 2131 read and listen to radio 2200 Rock On Demand starts 2300 Manditory Mettalica sometime after that go to sleep *this is a fair representation of my day

Wake up Shower Sleep Pancakes, Nectarines and Yogurt. Walk to school. La de do Automotive class Boring blur of school School is over Work on current project Eat dinner Go Dumpster Diving. Tinker with the shennanigans in which I have discovered Watch an episode of friends. Sleep very happily.

6:00 Wake up 6:12 Wake up Again 6:20 Shower and get ready for school 6:55 Bus 7:00 - 2:30 School 2:30 - 3:30 Relax 3:30 - 9:30 Homework 10:00 Sleep (if Im lucky)

Wake up, eat 2 waffles, lay down for 12 minutes. Get dressed, get lunch, go to school, wait about 40 minutes for school to start and do homework or homework, Go to Biology/Spanish (I have a block schedule) Go to Business Technology Concepts/English Go to Marching/Concert Band Eat lunch Go to Cultural Geography/Math Go on bus and go home Go one Computer/Xbox Eat eventually Take a shower Do homework and If it is a Monday of Thursday, I make cookies.

And sometimes I fit Knex into that list.

5:45 get up 5:30 shower 5:45 feed dogs and cats 6:00 get on computer 6:15 practice guitar 6:30 get wife up 6:45 Practice guitar or get on computer 7:00 leave for office 7:30 get to office an eat breakfast then check email 8:00 assistant arrives 8:15 answer yesterday's calls 8:45 on computer running autocad 9:30 leave office for remodeling meeting 10:00 arrive for meeting to measure existing house 10:30 head for office 10:45 stop at post office 11:00 back at office 11:05 answer phone messages 11:30 eat lunch 11:45 on computer running autocad 01:45 meeting in office about custom home 02:30 on computer again 03:30 leave office for guitar lesson 03:40 guitar lesson 04:10 leave lesson head for home 04:25 get home pet dogs, pet cats, kiss wife 04:26 change cloths 04:30 eat snack 04:45 practice guitar 05:05 get on computer 06:00 eat dinner 06:35 out to the workshop working on pocket amp and watch Cowboys win 08:00 back inside to watch tv 10:00 check emails and instructables 10:45 brush teeth 10:47 put dogs and cats to bed 10:50 asleep Wish I was 15 again. I'd love to do it all over again.

Everyone who is over 20 says that to me.. Haha..

If everyone says that then maybe you should learn from us and enjoy your youth!