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What Flower is this please. Does anyone know? Answered





Thank you, by shop it should be canadian blueberry but I don't think so :D


From the flowers it's one of the Solanum family, most likely American Nightshade - Solanum Americanum. (That's an Australian site but it's very widespread - Are you in the US?)
Careful if you have youngsters around - Those berries are deadly!

. . . and if the shop sold it as Canadian blueberry, I'd say they're guilty of criminal negligence.

No actually I'm from Czech Republic, over the ocean, far from the US.
Oh I even didn't know that it's an Australian site but clever and helpful people are everywhere as I can see .
Thank you :).

I'm actually in Britain, but the American nightshade is native of Australia and spread to the US.  It's most likely not American nightshade in Europe - it prefers warmer climes - but there's several others (not deadly or woody nightshade; they have purple flowers) in the nightshade family it might possibly be.

One thing's for certain - It's definitely NOT Canadian blueberry.

You can upload pictures to the Natural History Museum forums for identification by experts (LINK)