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What Food ( Mostly Healthy ) Should Be Served ? Answered

The immediate families are now tracking my Best Answer count.
And said  "let's have a party at 100, what sort of food ?"
We live in a mountain desert state. 
I don't think there's any rush...................  A


Some of my favorite healthy party foods are: crudités, served with a couple different dips: hummus is always good, & I make a roasted onion dip--roast 3-4 large onions until they are dark brown & have collapsed. Roast a head of garlic, too (cut off the top of the head, drizzle olive oil over it, & wrap in foil. Bake with the onions for about 45-60 minutes.) when the onions & garlic are done, remove from the oven & cool. Then put through a food processor, food mill, or blender. Add Greek yogurt to make a basic dip (about 2 cups for this amount of onion). Season to your taste--I add Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, and herbs (these vary with my mood). Believe me, this beats any onion dip made with onion soup mix, all hollow!
Another good dip is a simple mixture of salsa & either sour cream (whatever fat level meets your need) or Greek yogurt. You can make it as spicy or bland as you like.

Yes, it keeps well for a week or so if tightly covered (tight is important if you don't want to make everything in your fridge taste like onions & garlic). And I don't know how clear I made it that you squeeze the roasted garlic out of the skin, sort of like toothpaste--as Alton Brown would say, the garlic skin doesn't bring much flavor to the party!

A very good point on aromatic profusion.
Looking forward to making it.
Thank you again.

Just looked it up, now understand what crudités are and a bit embarrassed  having lived in France four years as a youngster.

This Onion Garlic dip recipe goes on the wall to try soonest.
Does it keep well in the fridge ?
Thanks,   Alex...

Im gonna get sooo healthy, Ill outlive my kids :-) A

LOL I hadn't even really looked at those links closely.....I am not sure how "healthy" they are :-)

For more well-rounded Celebration Meal, don't forget to add:

Potato and Hops Juice.


Is it really made in the potato state ? Alex...

lemme check...

DANG! Technically no... it's bottled and distilled in Hood River, Oregon... but I bet the taters came from Idaho.

Next time I stop in the Liquor Store, I'll inquire and raise a little billy-heck.

False advertising is so ROOD! ;-D

Mr Vegetable Face?


Very neat, green, festive and edible.
Prints well too.