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What Grocery stores have the most reasonable prices for turkeys per pound? Answered

Seeing that the economy has gone absolutely crazy with the outrageous prices for food!!!! I would like to ask my fellow community members if you have noticed any grocery stores who are having good deals on turkeys per pound? I live here in Northeastern Ohio and at Save a Lot(Discount food store) a turkey was $1.79 a pound. Please can somebody possibly give me some feedback on how a family of three can have a decent meal without spending my whole paycheck?



9 years ago

Closer to thanksgiving, most of the stores around here (Ca Bay area) have turkeys as "loss leaders" - they sell them at a loss so that you'll get dragged into their store (instead of some other store) and buy other stuff. Recently they've given up on the per-pound price in favor of flat rates. Ah; next weeks fliers are here:
  • Lucky: Turkey up to 15lbs FREE with $99 purchase ("Master Cut" brand)
  • Safeway: up to 16lb $5.99 with $25 purchase ($7.99 for over 16lb) ("Safeway" or "Manor House"; "Honneysuckle": $8/10)
  • Food Co: $0.87/lb ("Zacky Farms")
It's usually worth buying extras, assuming you have freezer space and ever have enough people to serve a turkey at some other time of year.
Most stores will have assorted "premium" brands as well, at a higher price. (Fresh, Kosher, free-range, unseasoned, etc.)
Our usual turkey dinner (other than thanksgiving) is a kosher half-breast from Trader Joe's, which is just about the right size for our family of 5 with some left over for lunches...

Costco: "Fresh" Foster Farms @ $0.89/lb.

In my area, Weis and Giant Foods are the mainstay. Giant has edged up with a double promotion (after a particular amount of purchases being made between a set pair of dates, you get one free, or you can get a discounted one at 89 cents per pound, if you can't get the free one.

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