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What Gun is This? Answered

I have seen this gun in oodalump's Guide to Performance K'NEX Guns, and I have always wondered what it was, and where it was to be found. Can anybody help me, and provide me a link with which and can gaze at this amazing looking gun?


As everybody has said, put this under questions, as it is a question. :3

And yeah, it's BakenBitz's shotgun turret weapon; no instructions have ever been posted, unfortunately. As K'nex Innovation is a very unreliable site, I'm not even going to bother finding the original pictures there. It seems that BM has provided a link to more pictures, anyway. :P

Well, instructables says that questions are for forum topics too, so it really does not matter.

Thanks for the info, the gun is pretty sweet. =D

Yeah, but my OCD tells me that questions go in question part of instructables. You're right, though: it doesn't really matter.

Yeah, the gun is pretty badass. (If saying that word isn't allowed, I shall delete this comment. I don't know all the rules exactly. Mods of instructables, please let me be! :P)

I know, but it looks really cool, and nobody cares about piece consumption except for you and TD, Racker.

Nobody Really Cares.jpeg

And it's actually Mepain's gun, not bakenbitz's.

bakenbitz made it I believe there is a video on youtube somewhere it was posted on KI and possibly on ible, as to what it is called I have no idea

As to your first statement "This should go in questions..." I disagree. Instructables says: "What should I post in the forums?"
"The forums are the place to ask questions, share a cool project from another site, find collaborators for your latest project, or discuss anything of interest to the Instructables community."

Thanks for the link. That was really helpful... BTW, do you have a link to it on KI, do you have a membership to KI?