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What Happened to My Instuctable? Answered

I have a question regarding an Instructable I wrote last week for entry into the Singer Kid's Craft Contest. After writing it and loading pictures, I checked it over and clicked on "publish". I even received an email thanking me for my submission to the contest. However, it never appeared anywhere. The child I did this Instructable with is very upset about this. She wanted to see her creation and the entry for the contest. Every time I check my profile, it says that I'm working on an Instructable. I tried to go back and re-publish it but it's too late. I even wrote an email to the Instructable Robot asking about it. Can anyone help me? I just want the entry to be in the contest and be able to get votes for it. Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Send a private message to either canida or fungus amungus. They're the staff members most likely to be able to help with this.

How do you send a private message to a staff member? It's too late now but I would have loved to have done that when I could still enter the contest. I'm new to this site, I guess I just have to learn more about it.

It is probably just another bug, I saw another question related to this about how there Instructable wouldn't publish. The Instructables Robot usually takes a while to respond with all the e-mails it has to send, so just send a private message to a Instructables staff member. I hope your Instructable gets in!