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What Is Inspirational To You? (With examples plz) Answered

I was wondering what is inspirational to you? Is it a sports figure? A speech? What? I'm curious..


Well, as far as heros go, William McCool (NASA), John Glenn (USMC), and Bill Nye (Chuck Norris of science).

As I don't (currently) follow a definable religion or beliefs, much is inspired by chivalric wannabe-ing, a belif in justice and a primordial urge to fight for it. Audio stimuli wise, grand movie themes (Duel of the Fates, Bridge of Khazad Dum, The Kraken), Celtic singers and sopranos (Hayley Westenra, Orla Fallon, Lisa Kelly, Celtic Woman), classic rock (Chicago's Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love, Led Zeppelin's Battle of Evermore), Machinae Supremecy (metal?) thanks gmjhowe!!.

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the RIngs, and other grand myths of our time also provide inspiration for me. I'm short one love of my life to having one, but I'm always on the look out..

The kids I teach - some of them are utter numpties I would happily feed to the wolverines, but then you get a kid whose parents have split up and found new partners so often, they aren't related to anybody they live with, who don't have a book in the house, or a space to work at home or even a bed they can use alone, who has to feed and clothe themselves because the "adults" at home are too drunk to care, and they still get to school on time, they still get their work done, and they still manage to be enthusiastic in lessons.

They are the ones I go to work for.

Teaching, the noblest profession...a good day to you, Sir.

Without sounding too mushy, my wife inspires me at times ( for instance, she stretched the spring on our newest tape measure, so it wouldn't rewind, and that inspired my latest -ible ;-)

Nope. I really liked this the first time I saw it (I think someone tagged me with it on FaceBook).

That was seriously the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. That is why I dance! It makes everyone so happy. Anytime I can get my coworkers loosened up enough to dance we end up having a crazy choreographed giggling party at the buy counter. :D

Well I don't mean to get all soppy, but my gf is a big inspirational element in my life. If your asking more about in a creative sense then it comes from a subconcious amalgomation of every movie I've seen or book I've read or other peoples creativity.

Heehee. I think in a way the whole thread has to get soppy, else it's not genuine.

My humor, alas, seems to have been inspired by an early tv show called Mork and Mindy (I was really inspired by Robin Williams and Jim Cary )

For me, it's nature, seeing my kids grow up right, seeing my wife fight her Lupus (with a great deal of courage), and the cop/firefighter/soldier that risks his/her life for the innocent. Also, the books of Esther,Job and Ecclesiastes. And lastly- the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Hank Sr., and the Violent Femmes!

Insanely complex stuff inspire me but kinda scares me at the same time. It makes me feel very uneasy

Then you would get very nervous around genetics and plasma physics :-) We won't even go into quantum mechanics ... cool and weird stuff in those subjects let me tell you.

It's kinda weird, only some stuff makes me feel uneasy, but just for a second, kinda like the feeling whenever you are going down the steps and you skip a step without thinking about skipping a step and you think you're going to fall because you foot hasn't hit the ground yet (that was possibly the longest explanation of a feeling!). For example, when dealing with rediculously large numbers, I get uneasy for a second because it reminds me of a nightmare that I had a year ago, I have almost no clue what the nightmare was about, but I've had it about 5 times in my life. I'd have to say the emotion is pure fear?

I like that uneasyness... Things are more interesting when it's around... Granted I used to only have that one, now I seem to have a slight one and an oh bugger, foetal position now! one... Granted at times both are useful...

I know the feeling you mean, like riding a roller coaster, and cresting the top of a fast hill, when you weren't quite paying attention, right?

yep, that about sums it up. I have no idea why it reminds me of a dream that I can't remember what it's about, lol.

Ok, yes that could be best described as a momentary experience of fear of the unknown, perhaps

I find that quotes or sayings, you know - words to live by are pretty interesting. If they are funny or sarcastic, the more memorable they are. When I was in the Army, I got a chance to meet a lot of people from the Deep South. Yup, in the unit we had members of the KKK, something I kept still in the back of my mind, but there was one caucasian soldier that could recite the entire Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" speech word for word and believed in it. I thought that was pretty cool and profound. You realize that there is hope for mutual understanding.

Personally, I like Letters From Birmingham Jail better. :-) I really should memorize something like that.

It was a good read. Long, but showed MLK jr. knew exactly what he was doing and why he believed it was so right.

Lots of music and pretty much anyplace like the beach or really amazing places like that.

Exceptional acts by others inspire me.

Nature mostly. The absolute chaotic cacophony that is orchestrated into such a beautiful and colorfully symphonic musical symphony we see all around us, inside and out. /waxing poetic ;-)

Everything, like as in it interests me... That might be why I take things apart a lot... I don't have a hero as such, i find things more inspiring, like insane machines, things that might as well be made of thunder and lightening. Not always complicated stuff either, my computer definitely isn't as impressive it could be... Music falls in to similar categories, Airbourne, Motorhead, ACDC, not exactly high class complex but that kind of noise is good stuff...

Well, tesla is my hero Daft punk and justice's strong beat gets me into a good mood and is good to listen to as background music while doing homework.