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What Is That Doing There?! Answered

Ok, I was so bored today that i actually sat, and wondered what the little "shelf" on the Caps Lock button was there for on the keyboard.. I mean really, what's its soul purpose in life, what are its goals to accomplish and brag about when its older..



9 years ago

Maybe the separation between the A and the Caps is used to let you know if you accidentally hit both of them because it would feel very weird.

My normal mac keyboard has it, but not my lappy.

Perhaps to provide separation between it and the "A" key," so it's less likely to accidentLLY HIT IT.


well, not all keyboards have it... its weird

True.. my Viglen at home is shelfless but my (slightly larger) Logitech at work is shelfish. (hehe... shellfish...)

My microshaft keyboard has a shelf, but I have a picture of a padlock and Capital A on my key.....

I have that shelf on my Microsoft keyboard, but not on this laptop...it IS weird, though...hmmmm

That's a Dell, isn't it?

Hm, is that the one with the Moon (sleep) button between F12 and Print Screen, or the one without any of those keys on top?

Mine doesn't have one but maybe it was to use less plastic? XD I really don't know but I agree with Cameron.

Actually, it would use more plastic - adding a shelf means more surface area.

This is kinda sad to say, but I just noticed it on my laptop. I saw it on other computers but never my own.

i'd say a combination of the "different than the A" idea and to differentiate the key from the tab key which has about the same surface area (minus the shelf) alternate reason? a cheeto will fit perfectly there...allowing you to save it for later

. My guess is that it's a physical barrier to help prevent accidental actuation of the Caps Lock key when striking the A.

Hmmm. I dunno, mine dosen't have one...