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What Is The Best Pranks For Summer Camp? Answered

I am going to summer camp for 10 days and I need the best pranks in the world. Give me them all.


I am suprised no one has said this yet! Its sooo awesome... so what you do is you get a can of shaving cream, and you get a nail and pierce the can, making sure you cover it up or else it will spray ALL over you, and you just through it into a different cabin and shaving cream goes everywhere. (~ 0 ~)

A more advanced and evil version of this is (at night) you completely duct tape walls around someone with a bottom bunk (so if they were to wake up they would see nothing but duct tape enclosing them and the top bunk) and then you put a small slit in the duct tape and you put the shaving cream can inside!!!! (* 0 *)

Oh i have some dirty ones


2 years ago

hehe put laxative in someone's meal or drink bottle.

Put toothpaste in the bottom of their sleeping bag so they like step in it.

I am suprised no one has said this yet! Its sooo awesome... so what you do is you get a can of shaving cream, and you get a nail and pierce the can, making sure you cover it up or else it will spray ALL over you, and you just through it into a different cabin and shaving cream goes everywhere. (~ 0 ~)

A more advanced and evil version of this is (at night) you completely duct tape walls around someone with a bottom bunk (so if they were to wake up they would see nothing but duct tape enclosing them and the top bunk) and then you put a small slit in the duct tape and you put the shaving cream can inside!!!! (* 0 *)

so when you get there take the lugger and all their clothes and hide. remember to act normal. when the find there lugges are gone they will panic that will be funny.

You guys got nothing on this one.

So, my brother was a counselor at church camp. It was the last night, and all the cabins were starGazing.

Now, we have a big, old barn by the boys cabins. One of the counselors hid a jeep in this old barn, and he also got a giant conga drum. All these sweet little boys were staring a the stars at 2 AM, when suddenly, the counselor in the barn bangs the drum. Once. The boys think its thunder, but all the counselors know better. When it comes again, the counselor flashes the jeep's lights on and off. They keep doing this afew times, and by now the boys are scared.

suddenly, the counselor starts pounding faster. And faster. He starts to rev the engine of the jeep, and then screams. By now, most of the campers are backing away. And when he rides the jeep out into the meadow, everyone starts running. By the time they figure out I was a prank, they have been loked out of their cabins by scared campers.

Well you can put vaseline or any other slippery substance on door handles if you're staying in cabins. I went to a coed camp and we stayed in cabins so we but vegetable oil all over the door handles and on their walk way so it was slippery. We also but Salt all over their toothbrushes and filled their shampoo/body soap with Mayo. It was epic

Haha! I did that to my little sister's bed room door knob for April's Fool's day But I did the slippery substance instead I did Vasoline.

I put a lot of paper towels or napkins on the floor in the front of a door and put shaving cream or canned cheese

My first year at my church camp, I was in a cabin with on coming seniors and my friend and her sister. We did pranks on the boys cabin and we stuck pads and tampons in their cabin. Then they totally fell for it they thought it was the other boys cabins( They are so dumb where would the boys get pads or tampons?!) then they found out it was our cabin so the next night they burst through the door and sprayed Axe all over our room. Best camp experience ever!!!!! I suggest u try it.


5 years ago

Once upon a time I went to a camp and they had this thing called a "buddy board" outside the pool that you put tags on stating who you are, where you are, and how good a swimmer you are. The board was about as big as a car windshield with a hook about 1 per square inch. So, to give an estimate, I think there were at least 200. Some buddys and I took all of those off with some pliers and left them in this huge pile on the nearest table.

Another thing that happened another time, was some people took another person's tent (it was a tent that just went over the people, and easy to take away if not staked,) and tied it upside down on a building called the "craft lodge."

Steal the lifeguard tower if movable and take it to the other side of the camp.

these 2 wrk best if you have accomplices the more the better

randomly walk up to a large goup of talking peeple. is best if yur partners alredy there. right off the bat say "who wants to do that?" and rais yur hand at this point your partners should rais ther hands 2 everybody else will be like "whaaaaaaaaaat????"

do the same thing but insted say "all in favor, raise your hand" raise yur hand so do yur helpers. your statement wil be met with the qestion "all in favor of what?" to this u and yer accomplices reply "no, just all in favor". this should be said in a way that makes everybody else feel like an idiot.

go to the restroom and take some of those ketchup packets that fold you want to gently fold them in half the put them under the toilet seat that they sit on make sure when you fold them the middle is facing out toward the victims legs then leave the bathroom as fast as you can and run into the next stall and hold your laughs to your self

its a summer camp favorite for me. Mayo and mustard work just as well.

im so ganna try that going to church camp XD

are either of you going to a church camp in north florida


6 years ago

I enjoy just putting some food (like pancakes) underneath someones tent. It's really funny because in the middle of the night when they are sleeping, raccoons come and try to get the food under the tent. :)


6 years ago


Get the counselors in on it. Get them to tell the bunk there there will be a solar eclipse tomorrow, and when you wake up it will be completely dark. The solar eclipse also messes with electronics, so please give all of your watches ipods clocks to them to keep them in a safe place. Wake everyone up at 2 and tell them it's 7and it'll be completely dark out. Listen to their stupidity and reaction. Also, tell the smart kids about it in advance. I did this at my camp and it worked perfectly.


8 years ago

I can't believe no one has mentioned scaring hell out of another cabin (or tent) by sneaking up to the back and scratching the screen, making groaning noises, etc.--works well with whatever urban legend the camp has. Ours was a hermit who would come down from the mountain and peep into the cabins, looking for his next victim (he was a cannibal)

Thats a classic. I should try that sometime at my camp. Another classic is just taking like apple juice or lake water and dumping it in another person's sleeping bag. You can also add mud which REALLY creeps people beyond belief.

One of the best pranks we ever pulled on a fellow counselor. We took his clothes (bathing suit included) and tied them up in a black garbage bag, then proceeded to send him wading out to the buoy line to fetch his clothes from the canoe we tied out there. What he didn't know was that the canoe was empty and his clothes were actually hanging ten feet up a random tree in the middle of the woods.

Another great one is to acquire as many paper cups as you can, and place them all across the floor and beds of a fellow cabin. Then fill each cup with water and wait for the hilarity to ensue.

Also, placing the cabin's matresses / clothes / etc. on the cabin roof is always a good standby.

Ha, that's really funny :). Another thing you can do to your counselor at camp is if you ever have a cookout for s'mores. Sneak a bunch of marshmallows and secretly burn them so bad that they turn REALLY crispy and black. Cut them open and really hot marshmallow paste will ooze out. Make sure this is right before you got to bed so it doesn't turn hard. Once your counselor is asleep, smear this ALL over his face, arms, and legs. Then, take pine needles, glitter, cookie crumbs, dirt :P, sand >P, sequins, and other small crumby things and dust them all over the marshmallow. if you can find another washable substance instead of marshmallow that is stickier, use it, but make sure it can come off and it isnt toxic. Also, leave his mouth and nose untouched by the marshmallow so he doesn't suffocate. Once he looks really crazy and wild, get back in bed and pretend nothing happened. When pulling pranks like these, you have to be really really REALLY quiet.

The look on a counselors face (if you can see his face) is HILARIOUS if you pull of this prank well.

Yup, ive done the clothes prank before, but wats also great, we put the leaders tent on top of the latrines(aka. big portapoties that dont move)

Well, I go to a boys camp and there is a girls camp right next door. What sometimes happens is there is a thing called a "cabin switchover". This is when a cabin from the girls camp and a cabin from the boys camp meet up at midnight and switch cabins. In the morning the camp finds out and its all really funny.

One idea I had was when the girls have a cabin switchover, and were still sleeping at the boys camp, we sneak to the cabin where the girls are secretly sleeping. There, we duck tape their bunks so when they wake up, all they see is a wall of duck tape. Also, we steal their shoes and dump glitter and other stuff all over the shoes and put them all in a big bin.

Now, at my camp there is a large pebble pathway that is full of really sharp pebbles that leads up a REALLY steep and high hill to the dining lodge. To walk up there barefoot, it hurts and is very amusing for people to watch. At the top of the hill is where we put the bin of shoes for them to come get it.

Considering the girls have no shoes and that they need to walk up the hill of pebbles to GET their shoes and eat breakfast, they walk barefoot up the hill and it is so funny to see the look on someones face when they climb that hill barefoot. This is a great prank because no one gets hurt, it is really funny, and the girls eventually get their shoes back so they aren't completely pissed as heck.

connect about 8 - 10 mm thick pipe (electrical installation pipes are great) to big heavy duty plastic bag and seal it well at home (hot glue etc). make sure its sealed. when ready to use fill up with water. when preparing place for fire bury the thing about 1 M away and point the pipe (at earth level so not seen) at the fire from about 0.3 M. when some1 steps on the place a water jet goes from the ground right at the fire and kills it (usually not fully though). variation : at entrance to tent so that who enters or exits gets sprayed

advanced variation : get metal pipe and bury it right from under the fire (end pointing up between the coals) to the plastic pipe and bag. now the water jet comes right in the fire. keep in mind that metal is heat conductor and heat melts the plstic pipe under the earth too. so the connection between pipes underground should be at some distance from the fire

if you really have place that can be digged easily - bury a deep container of water. build a traditional team rocket trap over it - sheet of cardboard and some sand (not much). prepare the fire right over the place. at some level the entire fire will fall into the underground water container. plastic may work better but is harmfull o environment and makes awful smell

prepare pyrotechnocally-enhanced spudz for the fire. long delay (wrapped in more aluminium and ordinary paper inside) recommended

if you bring beer - refill empty beer botles with ordinary water (or soda :P) and close the caps

build a strong blue and red light flasher(s) with leds and 555 chip. at nigh wake everyone up with it from outside the tents and cell phones on loudspeaker speaking around (like if the camp is surrounded with police)

high voltage = guaranteed excitement. take there some flash circuits from cameras + batteries + long thin wires. remove the big capacitors first cause they make the thing dangerous

plate the bottom of pots (used for food making) with pyrotechnically active substances

diet coca cola and mentos make lots of gases. i wonder if together with some liquid soap it will make a good foam bomb

in a lighter that uses electric spark - add a thin wire and connect to the metal part / point out under it (so that hidden untill you press) - when the lighter is pressed the user is shocked

bring big speakers on long wire sealed in 2 layers of plastic bags. place them in the earth under another tent and take the wire under earth to yours. at night put sounds at full volume in them (first for few seconds and pause. then again after few minutes etc). i'd put there short stuff cut from soundtracks of movies like expecto patronum!!!!11 etc (recommended a folder of mp3s where each is few words sound and 5 min silence)

grind matches and take the dust with you. usefull

if you have showers - replace a shower head with garden sprinkler and wait for some1 to opemn the water (and spray whatever else wet instead of himself)

smd leds (from phone) on thin magnet wires hangd in air - that looks like shining stars of magic and makes girls scream the heck. you can also place on earth (then normal leds are cool too)

metal halide lamps (floodlights that have bright cool white light - common in camp parks) take lots of time to restart if shut down when working. they may kick out if you hit the pole strong enough

you could also put some icyhot cream on the toilet seat

try this on for size ok first bye a mask not like scream no like a wild animal find a black blanket or sheet sneek in the victims tent or cabbin just befor they wake up you can ether stand in a corner let them a proach u and scare the hell out of them or stand over thier bed right as thier waking up and let the screams begin so freakin funny i promise

last year at my cross country camp the guys took all the girls bikinis and tied them to the 5 flag poles there the girls then went in our A-frame and kicked over our beds and clothes and tied our shoes to a bathroom stall then we kicked over there stuff and then the coach said we could tie a bed to the roof so we stole a girls bed and hung it from the roof.

try the classic feather and shaving cream prank. you could replace shaving cream for anything such as whipped cream, easy cheese(or cheese in a can) etc. or instead of using feathers you could use poison ivy! hope this helps!

Whoa, someone could seriously end up in the hospital from poison ivy, but the feathers and cheese in a can is hilarious!

I know a funny prank my uncle pulled on his camp counselor when he was a teen. This counselor had a very hairy chest. My uncle borrowed some of that cream that some ladies use to remove hair from their bodies.  One night while the counselor was sleeping my uncle rubbed the cream all over his chest and left it their. the next day when the counselor took a shower all of his chest hair fell off. Boy was his wife made when he returned from camp. Another prank that is pretty funny is one that uses a paper towel dispenser in a bathroom. If you take a close look at them you can usually tell how to open them up, the people who reload them have a special key but you don't need it. After you figure how to open it up go in the bathroom when no one else is in there, then write a funny message or something on the paper towel so that when it comes out the people can see it.

Silly string+dorm=fun.
Or tie a MILLION strings all around the room so you can't walk around, and put their shoes/ all of their stuff in the very back of the room.

If you're in tents, then safety pin the zippers together and de-pole them. I did this camping, and my friend had to cut his way out and then chase me around in his underwear. Meanwhile one of his other tentmates sat in the collapsed tent looking around trying to understand and then said that he dropped his water bottle. It was great. If not then I suggest that you refer to one of my instructables which tells how to replace the confetti in party poppers with glitter. A bunch of those booby trapped to spray him will cover him in glitter that will stay for days.

we did this at band camp one time so if one kid bring and sleeps in a hammock or not hammocks easier tho but saran wrap them to their bed and its a pain to get out of or if you really wanna piss people off take some thing really slippery (for people in band blue juice works well ) and put it on a toilet seat and put saran wrap below that, not much of a prank but gets people wondering draw HUGE shaving cream penises (huge is usually semi truck huge and yes i have done this)


Get one of those big orange envelopes and fill it up with shaving cream or whipped cream, but leave the top open. Slide the open end under the door and jump on the envelope. ;)