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What Knex guns has a good mag for whites?? Answered

I haven't been able to make a good mag for white rods, I don't want to fire blues, or greens ( i hate firing greens) a link to an instructable would be appreciated


spiff magazine is good, along with the Y clip mag, this is not great for angled magazines because they slide in and out. in my opinion, Y clip mag is best.

Well there are 3 main ways I've seen it done so far. There is the loosewire method in which it's just a rod of pairs of yellow connectors and then when at an angle they have a perfect fit for whites. You could simply but black hands on each side of a white connector although this isn't very popular as you're wasting around 12 black hands for a standard size magazine. Then IaC connected pieces in a way that white rods fit decently with his spiff.

Second sentence- Row not rod. Third- put not but. I really have to work on that...

Spiff, by IAC, my new assault pistol, many more.