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What NOT to feed your dog Answered

Here is a list of Food You Should Not Feed your Dog

My dog has been a bit sick lately, and vomiting frequently. I just noticed that us feeding him some of these foods from time to time may have helped cause that....



9 years ago



why do they need to put pot on that list? are people that dumb?

there has been no recorded deaths from marajuana, that does not count car crashes and other drugs, including cigarettes (which is a drug by the way). my brother rented this movie that said that. some random things that you remember are weird huh? i dont smoke weed btw, never wanted to.

Hey, it could happen.....they just stare at you with those big beady eyes and that sad look! They want some fun too!

Yep it is also toxic, and it honestly doesn't take that much to kill a human....

I once thought people were smart. Then I saw this.

tech-king, don't ever, and I mean ever underestimate the potential power of an Idiot, They will amaze you, if you though some thing like giving a dog pot was idiot proof, they will just invent a bigger idiot.....

yah and you can tfeed your dogs grapes!!


10 years ago

Your dog looks awesome! I hope he feels better soon.

Why thank you! He got better. (This was a month ago you see) ;)

. One correction to the chart: Cooked mammal bones are bad, raw mammal bones are very good for dogs. See BARF diet.
. Fish and chicken bones are always bad (although I've heard, without verification, that cats can handle them raw).
. As for dogs and chocolate; a small amount of milk chocolate (eg, one-half piece of a Hershey bar) as a rare treat does not seem to cause problems for any of my dogs (>=30 pounds). Dark chocolate (eg, semi-sweet) can be a killer, even in low doses. YMMV, especially with a small dog.

Chicken bones raw don't break or shatter like they do when they are cooked and they haven't bothered my cats yet but I don't give them cook one.... And most outdoor cats will get the odd bird here and there so I'm sure the cat knows how to deal with them...

My black lab ate a 1/2 pound bar of baking chocolate and he was fine, just really hyper.

. BTW, "one-half piece" = 1/24 of a bar (12 segments/bar) or a little over two grams; not half (27.7g) of the whole bar.

Cooked mammal bones are bad, raw mammal bones are very good for dogs

I had read that

Chocolate makes dogs sick and can sometimes kill them

I've always heard that, but we used to have a collie when I was younger, and she's get one oreo everyday as a treat. That was all she ever wanted. :P Never made her sick. But that's probably because nothing in an oreo is real. hahaha.

hahahaha true :P and its probbaly only if its bar of solid chocolate that would upset their tummies

Your dog is cute. Yes, I said cute.

That's ok, man. That doesn't make you any less of a man.

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Wow ... thanks for this link. I knew about several of them, but I was far to imagine garlic and onion could be a problem.