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What New Useful Products Have You Recently Become Acquainted With ? Answered

Here is My list.

I recently saw an ible about sugru. Had neverheard of it, before  but can see its usefulness. Kind of expensive and not generally available.

Have seen polymer clays, but cant see how it would replace epoxy putty Available at craft shops.

Have heard Rescue tape ( fusible silicon ) . I haven't had a use for it, but it seems to be a great repair tape. It was available at Craftwood  Lumber, so it is a mass market product. Expensive, but can see it's potential worth. I'll wait til. I need it before I buy it.

The oscillating tools have come down in price. Not exactly new, but extremely useful especially for people whose shop is their desk or kitchen table. If I were to have one power tool, it probably would still be the cordless drill driver. But if I were allowed a second power tool, this would be it. Blades are expensive. 

Demolition Bags are very useful and cheap and generally available.

I recently saw a device for bending PVC pipe. I have avoided using PVC because of the joints. I prefer thin metal conduit because it can be bent with the pipe bender I was able to acquire. That being said, the Pipe Viper may  be worthwhile. I am considering a small greenhouse made of arched PVV pipe and clear sheeting.  



5 years ago

Polymorph. It's a plastic that you can heat up by pouring the pellets into a cup of hot water, and they go from white to transparent; you can then knead and form them by hand, or use a mold. Once it cools down, the material is very tough, much like nylon.
Lovely stuff and very useful.

I've bought it about a week ago, but haven't gotten around using it. What have you done with it so far?

We used it when we (as a group from a hackerspace) were present at the anniversary festivities in a community for people with severe or multiple handicaps. We made things for the people who live there, at their request.
I made several things with polymorph: for example an adaptation to a potato peeler, making it possible to use it with just one hand. And a replacement for the control knob of a wheelchair, in the shape of an eagle!