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What Real Guns Do You Want To See Made With Knex? Answered

Post pictures and suggestions for knex gun modeling here.


don,t know if anyone has said this yet but i say build a browning buck mark


6 years ago

Ok, maybe an AUG A1, Stakeout ,Ak47, TAR-21, Black ops crossbow (Sigh, I know Its not real!) OR a 9mm and Zero.5. Almost out of breath!!


I did not read all the comments, so I don't know if any one has already said this, but I would like to see a model of the MG4 from CoD Modern Warfare : Mobilized (DS).

SPAS* And which one? SPAS-15 or SPAS-12?
(spas-12 is already made by me, look at it)

A p90 or a mini gun

=D theres a forum topic i posted with pictures of all the internals if you want to make one =D

Make the M60E4, M249 SAW, M4 SOPMOD, M21 Sniper Rifle, M1 Tommy Gun, Vulcan Minigun, Glock 19, Skorpion, RPG, RPD, Barret M82 .50cal Sniper Rifle, AK-47, Intervention, .44 Magnum Revolver, Dragunov, G36C, Taser, P90, ZPU Anit-Aircraft Gun, M2 Browning, W1200, M1014, R700, or Mini Uzi.

Desert Eagle, M9, M16A4, M14, Javelin, Stinger, MP5, M203, GP-25, TEC-9, M1911.45, USP.45, .357 Colt Python, or an ACR

Easy, As far as I know, all of these but the TEC-9, Stinger, and .357 Python (never heard of it before, must be some custom American firearm) have been built in Knex.

Anyways, I'd love to see some of the more unknown firearms in the world in Knex. Such as all those Russian bullpups, which are cool. ;-)

The TKB is very ugly but so awesome... :-D

Also, PK is neat as well.

The .357 python was a revolver that was made in america. It is not to confused with it's more powerful cousins: The .44 Magnum and Desert Eagle (they fire .50 cal)

Eh. The Python should not be confused with those other pistols in any single way, as it has nothing, absolutely nothing in common with eachother, other then being a handgun and being featured in video games.

Besides, 44. Magnum does not fire 50 cal (maybe conversions do), it fires 44. cal. Magnum. (Obv.)

Yeah, the only pistol I said that actually fired 50 cal is the Desert Eagle.

I know that .44 magnums fire .44 cal rounds. I know that desert eagles fire .50 cal rounds. Dont challenge me.

Lets just stop before one of us gets banned for yelling ot the other.

I never yell at anyone on the internet, but if you want to stop, okay.

Desert Eagles can be gotten in 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and 50 AE (American Express)

The 50AE chambering must be pretty new, as when I was looking at them a few years back, they only came in 357M and 44M.

I went with a 500 Smith & Wesson revolver, with a 4" barrel as I wanted something heavy enough to drop a grizzly or brown bear. The 500 grain Hornady 9252 rounds are a real dangerous game stopper, but the gun is *very* intimidating due to the heavy recoil. I don't use it for much practice, I only carry it as a last ditch defense when fishing in Alaska

(no offence) .50 AE = action express, not american express

The .357 Python would be a Colt Python revolver chambered for 357 magnum. The Desert Eagle is a 44 magnum semi-automatic, therefor it fires a 44 caliber cartridge, not a 50 caliber (1/2 inch)

As to the question, why a revolver, they are capable of better accuracy. When you pull the trigger of an autoloader, the hammer (or striker) flies forward and hits the cartridge's primer. This in turn lights off the powder, which propels the bullet forward. Before the bullet leaves the barrel, the slide starts moving backwards,and the empty cartridge case starts the ejection process. The fresh cartridge starts moving up out of the clip. There is a lot going on. This all happens while the bullet is moving down the barrel, affecting accuracy.

In a revolver, when the trigger is pulled, the hammer strikes the primer, lighting the powder, which pushes the bullet down and out the barrel. Much less is going on to diminish accuracy in a revolver.

Finally the issue of Glocks versus 1911's or Berettas, personally speaking, In a situation where my life is at stake, I'll pick Glock every time. I carry a G19C 4th Generation compact, and also have a G21C I use for pistol matches. I love them both. The safety on a Glock is keeping your finger OFF the trigger.

There are no external safety levers or buttons, the only safety on a glock is built onto the trigger. You pull the trigger, and it fires. No fumbling for safety buttons, no need to try and remember if the safety is on or off or need to have a proper grip to release the grip safety, just point, and pull the trigger and it WILL fire. A lot of people criticise the Glock because the absence of a safety, but this is the same system all revolvers have, and no one has a problem with wheelguns.

Hmm, maybe an potato cannon. Or an m93 raffica. It's awesome, but there are no realy good replications here of the raffica

olympia rpk and black ops thunder gun

I haven't seen a g36 in cod. But i wish i did.

make the m60 light machine gun

the Browning 1900 pistol, an the Browning 1935 Hp,

check out the czech 12.7 mm falcon sniper rifle

, 357 Magnum revolver,Colt .45 pistol , .38 Special revolver

M24, Tommy Gun, M1 Garand

Well, that explains a lot. Guns are suddenly cool if they are featured in a videogame, eh?

'Fraid the TKB-022 will never get featured in a videogame, and therefore will never be built in Knex...

Why does he want the TEC-9 in Knex anyways? No one knows it, and it looks ugly.

I made one a long time ago. It was really bad, but still, I did.

Btw, you know what we really need here? A Glock replica. Glocks are the best handguns in the world, (And yes, they even got featured in COD, desipite being a "noob" weapon there) so why don't we have one in Knex?

You know, I agree. I still like the 1911 more, but that's probably my second choice followed by the .357 magnum.

Interesting. Could you elaborate why? I mean, after searching through Glock's homepage I came to the conclusion Glocks would be the best pistol available, but could you share some of your opinions on the M9? I don't know much about the gun to be honest.

And why a revolver, actually?

Okay well the revolver mainly because of the larger round, and since I've used one, I know its legit. I like the 1911 for both it being reliable (also having used one), and for being able to customize it a lot more. You know with it being a very widely used platform and all. Glocks are cool and are good as well, (especially the g18), but I haven't used one so I don't know from experience how they function although from what I've seen they are pretty good.

Ah, I see. I haven't fired any of the above at all, so yeah... My opinions are mostly recycled opinions of fellow gun lovers on the other side of the Atlantic. ;-)

I do think there are more aftermarket parts for sale for Glock then for M9, but I'm not too sure about that.

I dunno, but let me tell you, they are fun to shoot >:)