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What Should I Do Next? (Contest CLOSED) Answered

This contest is now closed.

I have chosen Monesterlego as the winner. (design below.)
Thank you all for entering and I will do this again! (Maybe for more prizes!!!)

NEW CONTEST HERE!!! (Ends: August 10,2012.)


Dude, you've got almost as many on comments on THIS TOPIC than I have total!

Is that a sword or a light saber? If it's a sword, have him hold a light saber.
Also, you could put a darth vader mask on him, put an apron on him and have him hold a spatula, or make him into a viking with one of those horned helmets and an ax or something. Oooh - have you done superman yet?
Was I only supposed to post one thing? ;-)

I like superman with a cape and an "S" on front, or darth Vader helmet with a light saber. :)

By "NOW" I meant the comment regarding the Editing Bug

1. Nose
2. Legs
3. Hair
4. Clothes, I recommend you...

dark brick? fire brick fire breathing brick naruto brick ichigo brick?

The Force you must teach him. The next Yoda, he will be.

It "was" a cheap one.....like around $5 or so.....now I need a new one, this one has broaken and fallen apart.......

Yeah, and no more talking on Skype until I replace the thing either *sigh*

Yeah, I probably won't get a skype till I'm older. (FYI, I'm only 13)

Well, the headset I had was like a $3-$5 piece and lasted me over a year....and I used it for a lot more then just skype (I am not online long enough at any one time to use it much anyways).

Hmmm, ok, maybe what he should do next is "put some really sick headphones on his avatar" LOL