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What Should I Do With 100+ Tennis Balls? Answered

Tennis Balls - weird color, weird shape. I have Acquired over 100 tennis balls recently but have no idea what to do with them. So I am coming to you guys for answers. I don't want ideas like "Tennis Ball Mortar" what do you think i did with the first 100 balls? Any ideas?



8 years ago

 So, what did you do to them?

become a world champion tennis ball puter in mouther.

learn how to play tennis (assuming you don't already know)

Hehe, I took it up two years ago, but got removed from the course, as I kept hitting balls into the parking lot... : /

Tennis balls have a special type of gas inside of it. That gas just happens to be flammable, so once you burn all of that fiber off, the rubber will be filled with that gas. The flaming tennis ball will last as long as the rubber will burn, and once it burns through, all of the gas will ignite in a "whoosh" Have fun

Not all tennis balls do, Only one company makes tennis balls like you described, and they only have two versions with that difference. Some tennis balls are actually completely solid... And burning tennis balls smell nasty..

I was thinking of something like actually usefull. Maybe like cut one in half and glue it to your wall where the doorknob would hit if you slam it open. but that would just use 1/2. I don't know.


9 years ago

woo hoo a nuke buddy!

I saw it already, if you look at one of the previous comments someone already suggested it, and even then I had seen it...

Fill a tennis ball shooter and set it to high, then test your skills Fill a mini pool and jump in Shoot them in the air Use them to float a sunken boat Make that tennis ball chair that just came up Glue them together into a bigger ball Make a pool innertube out of them Make a pool chair Fill a friends car with them Keep them handy in case you happen to need one


9 years ago

Learn to juggle!

Haha, I already can! Just not with 100 items....


9 years ago

Figure out if their total buoyant force is enough to lift you and create a watercraft that floats using the tennis balls.

Y'know Nate, that is probably one of the best responses to this forum topic, and one of the best things I've heard from you!

Yeah I saw that today.

Yay you figured out why the n8 stood for in my name.

And thanks.


9 years ago

Whered you get that many?! i like tennis balls!

Just collecting strays...

Pierce holes in the balls and poke cords through to make a 10x10 mat of balls.

Then all you need to do is figure out a use for the mat...

...maybe a landing mat for a children's slide?

Or the sliding mat for a children's slide

hmm, the mat of balls sounds cool

Given your record, you should have that 'ible posted by now!

I'm going to Home Depot tommorow for wood, whilst I'm there i was planning on getting some rope, or cord..any suggestions on what kind?

I don't know "rope" etc very well. My gut feeling is to go with something about 1/4 inch thick, and made of artificial fibres to avoid rotting and allow the ends to be melted to avoid fraying. You also need some way of hiding knots.... ... I know. put the knots inside the balls. If you tie the knots small and tight, you should be able to feed them back inside the balls and hide the knots. This might be easier with balls cut in half. A quick sketch:

ball mat.JPG

I was thinking, thread the balls onto the rope, like beads, then thread the lengths together, like weave them?

That could work, but how would you stop it unravelling? String knotted around lines that cross?

like, when two strings over-lapped, i would twist the ends like a chain link fence, if you know what im talking about

I do - it sounds good.

Sweet, now i just have to wait for a ride to home depot :(

I like the idea, but cut them in half first to make a 10X20 mat or string them under a gutter in place of a downspout for an artistic waterfall.

Throw them at people.

Well, I don't want to seem like I was trying to be a jerk or funny. It's just that this is such a random topic that I took it as a joke. You could make a gigantic tennis ball pyramid.

hmm, like a sculpture.. and no, I'm not being sarcastic when i have over 100+ tennis balls

Yes like a sculpture, and I was wondering if they are brand new. Also, I just thought you were joking because the only person I know that has that many is my Retired Pro Tennis Player Neighbor. But any way, you could post an Instructable. Or even a slideshow.

I'll just sit here for a few minutes and let the randomness flow.

  • Doorknobs.
  • Make a teacher very happy and place them over chair legs-it stops the scraping noise when the are dragged across tile and removes shoe scuff marks.
  • Toss them in an old blender, and get large quantities of fuzzy rubber chips.
  • Guinea pig crash helmets
  • Guinea pig pith helmets
  • Attach them to the bottoms of shoes and skate around on smooth floors
  • Gain access to the roof of a very tall building, and throw them all off at two in the morning so that you don't kill someone
  • Cut out pieces and use them as furniture skid pads
  • Toss them into the windows of passing cars, then run
  • Boat pontoons
  • Make a recirculating tennis ball fountain that shoots tennis balls up into the air, then catches them in a basket. Modify an old pitching machine.

That's all I have for now.

> Toss them into the windows of passing cars, then run

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I Was gonna do that with lit smokebombs but i used them all :(

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