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What Single shot mechanism is the most sturdy and is the easiest to load? Answered

Same as the title, which single shot mechanism is the most sturdy and his th easiest to load? EDIT:This was posted in the knex section for a reason ><



Best Answer 8 years ago

I guess you're just looking for a block trigger gun. By themselves they can be boring but you can always add a shell around it and hook up a true trigger to the block. Search up Killerk's pistol for the best example of one here. If you want to look further than instructables then go to knexinnovation.net and search up The Rectangle for a better example.

Currently, the rectangle is the easiest.

I thought your answer was a joke untill I read TheDunkis's answer.

177 mm howitzer is very sturdy but the shells are kinda heavey. 50 cal. sniper rifle is pretty sturdy and really easy to load. Snake charmer is sturdy and easy to load. Tell us Whats your project and we might be able to give you better answers.