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What Tech Present Should I Buy My 81 Year Old Grandpa? Answered

He is 81 and likes gadgets, new tech, etc. He has: computer, and tv Remember 81 Years Old Means Eyesight is not as good as kids but his is still pretty good PLEASE HELP!!!!


A dvd player and maybe dvds of movies from when he was a kid? A hearing aid, A wii, an ipod with songs that he likes A newer computer, or upgrades Not really a new gadget, but maybe a record play and records(or records if he has a record player) If he likes a sport, maybe something that's related to that sport( a book, movie,a baseball if he likes baseball, a football if he likes football, soccerball if he likes soccer ect.) Hopes this helps.

On the same note, if he still has records that he loves, you could get a USB turn table so he can convert them to mp3's or just listen to them through the computer.

Some audiophiles believe that records sound better than digital media. Make sure your grandpa is not one of these people! Make sure that you return his records in playable condition (of course)!

So I did... Good catch!

I speel reely bady.

Hearing aid might be insulting. Depending on whether or not he has arthritis, a Wii may not be the best thing... Or maybe not... I'm not sure.

Well of course, since I don't know his grandpa, I just suggested idea's that I had, not idea's that would just be 100% perfect for him.

I don't know, he's yours grandpa. Maybe if you get him a bigger screened one, or just an ipod shuffle(old one that doesn't have a screen, don't know if the new one does, so all he has to do is turn it on, and press play)

Here's a new remote control.  It works the TV and set top box only.  Favorite channels go it, and it locks, so it doesnt mess up.  Its www.FlipperRemote.com


a pace maker? lol

Does he have a new tv? If not, how about a digital converter box? Also, as part of the present, hook it up for him.

A really sweet LED flashlight with a crank or a shaker thing that is good. I recommend one from Brookstone, it's pricey but he'll appreciate it.

i bought my grandpa a watch that synced it's time with a satellite in space which synced it's time with an atomic clock in the U.S. it's pretty techy, and he liked it