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What VGA cable should I get for a 100' run to the projector? Answered

I bought a $20 one from Monoprice and now there is ghosting on the screen. Are the more expensive name brand ones actually made better, and will they prevent this? I know it is the cable because I tried a 2' one and everything was fine, but I need the long run for the permanent placement. Amplifier?



6 years ago

You definitely need a amplifier for a cable run that long, otherwise the other option is to go with cat5e VGA baluns to transmit for that far of a distance. Most consumer electronic devices are not made to drive cable runs of 20+ feet.. A better cable may help, but it probably will not solve the issues that you are having do to the practical limitations of running a VGA video signal for that far of a distance.


For 100 feet you shouldn't need the amplifier, what you need is a better cable with proper shielding to prevent interference.  This is of course more expensive the higher quality and longer you get them.  There are also wireless solutions (again, even more expensive) that you may also want to look into if it fits your situation.  I'm guessing your best bet would be to convert the VGA to another kind of cable that isn't as expensive, but still have the quality you want.  An amplifier would also work, but you want to place them in the middle of the run to be effective, which means two cables instead of one.

I think that better quality cable is the way to go, but how do I know I'm not getting ripped off and just paying more the same cable that I have? People say not to waste money on monster cables because they are so overpriced and not any better quality. I don't mind spending more money as long as it is worth it.

This is generally true- things like gold plated tips and such are in my opinion way over-rated.  What you're looking for in a run like this is specifically the shielding and gauge of the cable itself- the thicker they are, the better.  I would suggest buying it in person so you can examine the cable, but if you need to get it online I suggest www.bhphotovideo.com.  From here you can click on each of the cables and get the specs for both the gauge of the run and the shielding itself.  Hope this helps.

100 feet may be too long. I suspect you need an amplifier too